Monday, March 23, 2015

Changed by Grace!

I probably sound like a broken record or at least I do in my journal but this week was AWESOME!!!! We were blessed to teach 32 lessons!!!! That is the most I have ever taught in one week! And the crazy thing is that we could have taught so many more! These wards have sooo much potential its awesome!!!!!
  One of the saddest things is when you meet a returned missionary who loves the Book of Mormon and loved his mission and wants nothing to do with the church anymore.....I just don't understand that, but I guess that goes back to the title of this email. CHANGE. Something really cool that Sister Robison talked about in her talk at church yesterday is that by Christ's grace we are saved, yes, but it's also by His grace we are changed if we allow ourselves. By His grace we will all be resurrected but it's by how much we allow His grace to change us and help us become more like Him determines where we will live for all eternity and it's His wish that we will ALL change and return to live with our Father in Heaven!
  Saint Patrick's Day was super fun! We ate sooo much food tho! This super sweet guy that we teach/help took us out for lunch with Sister Arler and he took soo many funny pictures of us and our food with his camera! We had dinner at Sister Bishop's house which was super fun we had finger food and everything was green!!!!! Super fun! I was asking how old her boy was and he's 3 but he said I'm just a boy! hahahaha was way too cute!!!! Later that night we had a Relief Society dinner and it was a big birthday party that was really fun and a lot of people showed up! Neiva couldn't come but she was able to drop her son JoJo off for scouts and got to meet some people so that  was really good! I wore my green suspenders with my fully green outfit just like last year! It's awesome!!!!!
   I love working with people whose testimonies are there but they don't realize it! When you see that light bulb turn on its like fireworks in their eyes!!!! They realize that they do have a testimony and that the Lord has answered their questions! This month me and Sister Schulte have set some pretty high goals for our area and we were worrying about achieving them or having the faith enough to achieve them. After we had said a prayer before we left our apartment for the day we went to see this really sweet older lady and much to our surprise she had a young college student over chatting with her and we were able to talk with her and share a message and give her a Book of Mormon to read and she seemed very receptive! What an answer to prayers!!!! I know that the Lord loves us and wants the best for us and all we have to do is asking him for help and then go and do!
   We met Carl's wife! She just got out or prison and she was definitely not what we thought she would be! That teaches us to judge!!! Still working on that Christ like attribute!!! hahaha We went over the baptismal interview questions and then set up the actual interview. He passed the interview then we get a call last night from a couple of sister missionaries who saw Carl out smoking.....So we have to confront him with that and help him quit completely before he can get baptized! Me and Sister Schulte don't understand the struggle in trying to quite old we have picked some habits that we have and we are going to try our hardest to not do them for a week and then hopefully we will have more empathy and understanding and receive revelation in order to help Carl reach his goal of being baptized! We started today and it's already a lot harder then I thought! haha
   We had some open time the other day and we were wondering what we should do when we get a text from Brother Ayad asking us if we could come over and take Sister Ayad, the one that is dying of cancer, on a walk in her wheel chair. So we booked it over there and helped her get dressed and in her wheel chair and down some steps to go see the beautiful spring time! He has such amazing love for her and wants her to be the most happiest she can be right now. It was a great testimony builder of love and unconditional love! Sacrifice and Enduring to the End!
   We taught Rick about Family history this week at the Bunns and he really enjoyed it!!! He came to our ward this week too!!!! So CRAZY story!!! We have a member who hasn't come to church in a couple of years and he knows Rick! He rides with him on the temple riders association which is a bike club that I want to join some day!!! hahahaha He said he was going to come to church to see Rick but he didn't show but who knows? Rick might be an answer to somebody's prayer for this guy! Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith!
  I want you all to know that I love this work and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! As I have been studying more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ the more I come to know and realize that He gave us an immeasurable gift and that He expects us to do something with it! There is this story that I want to share with Ya'll!
         During a seminary class the teacher before had asked a football player that everyone in the classed loved so much if he would be willing to do pushups for everyone in the class and he agreed to. So class starts and the teacher brings out 2 boxes of donuts and explained to the class that the football player was going to do 10 pushups for everyone in the class so they could have a donut. He does the first 10 then the next 10. Soon he hits 100 pushups and he is starting to get weak. Some kids in the class ask if they can just do them themselves and still receive the donut and the teacher says no he has to do it for everyone. Some felt that they didn't deserve the donut because they didn't do the work for it. The teacher explained that it was a free gift why not eat it? Why let it sit on the desk going to waste...why not appreciate what the football player did FOR them?         
      This isn't to the extent of what Christ did for us but its a pretty good example to the smallest amount of pain that we could even fathom that He went through for us. So I pose the question to you......are you going to let it go to waste or take this gift and let it work in you and reap the blessings that come from it and really show your Savior your appreciation for what He has done? Cuz it's done and He can't take it back.... This is my testimony that I leave with you that I know my Savior lives and that He has given me the BEST gift possible and I'm not going to let it go to waste!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

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