Wednesday, December 31, 2014

....Christmas Pics

 Wow, I look beautiful! Super sweet Lady in the ward buys these towels at Walmart to give them to people. #Carry On, #We Believe, #Marching Band 2013

 Sis Christianson gave us lotion! I love these members!

 Christmas Day @ 6:30 am

Wait? Ashley? Who's that?

 Thanks Grandma Wall!

 Ice Skating!

 Ice skating with the Zone and the AP's.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...Christmas morning with the Yoders

 I want to share this correspondence with the Yoder family~
Merry Christmas Lassen and Clawson Families,

A little introduction I suppose. My name is Roman Yoder, I grew up north of Orlando in Florida and served my mission in Salt Lake City. I know crazy huh? My wife Cathy grew up here in Boise and we actually live in the ward she grew up in. We just hit our 20 year anniversary and have 8 beautiful children. 4 boys 4 girls. Our oldest, Aaron, is 18 and enters the MTC on FEB 4th, heading to the Portugal Lisbon Mission. Haley 15, is a sophomore in high school and loves volleyball (you can probably tell which one she is) and choir. Megan 13, is our bittersweet baby. She was born on 9/11/2001. She is in the 7th grade and loves to draw and read.  Zack 11, is in 5th grade and our little brainiac. He loves sports, specifically soccer. Seth will be 9 in about 3 weeks and also loves sports especially football. He is in the 3rd grade. Logan is 6 and in 1st grade and is really into Mindcraft right now....who isn't right? haha. Mallory is 5, and thinks she is the mom and is sure to let everyone know. Olivia was just born in August, kind of our surprise baby. She is #8 born on 8/8. Kinda cool if you are into that number thing.  

Some of the fondest memories I have when I was little was having the missionaries over for breakfast on Christmas morning. We have tried to maintain that tradition in our family now. This year we will be honored to have your daughters in our home for a good ol' southern breakfast on Christmas morning. Grits, eggs, bacon, toast and everyone's favorite homemade orange julius are on the menu. Don't worry some of my kids don't like grits either. More insulting is the fact that my wife taught them to put brown sugar on it. haha. Ya just don't put brown sugar on grits. lol! 

So, in conjunction with this little family tradition we would like to get your missionaries a gift. Or gift card. It seems like that is the way to go these days. We would like to keep it a surprise although I'm guessing they know I'm contacting you since I asked them for your email addresses today at church. haha. 
Do you know or have they mentioned a favorite store or resturant? Or do you happen to know of anything they stand in need of. Clothes, personal items, groceries, etc. What would be really cool is if we got them something unique to them or their family. For example, Sis. Clawson played her flute for the prelude music today and it was very beautiful. Do your daughter's have any other hidden talents that are specific to them that we could get them a gift that would tell them I did a little research and mom or dad spilled the beans. That way they can be mad at you. haha. Unfortunately, this tradition was in jeopardy until yesterday, so I apologize for the time crunch this may put all of us in, especially for the unique gift thing. If if doesn't work it doesn't work. But we would like to get them something either way. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Thank you for your sacrifice and sharing your missionary with us in the Idaho Boise Mission. 

Warmest regards this holiday season,

The Yoder Family!
Bro Yoder-
You have a beautiful family! Sis Clawson will love being at your house! She has a special ability with young children and it is the perfect place to spend Christmas morning! Thanks so much for your kindness! It is a hard time having her gone at this time of year but knowing she will be spending the day with people like you is comforting.
Things she is interested in- Well, of course, you know she plays the flute, and very well too! I am sorry I missed it! She loves music! She has an interest in sign language and took classes in high school. She is a cowgirl at heart and loves anything related! She was a nanny before her mission and loves children. As far as restaurants go, her and her best friend love to go to Chilis and do so all the time. Honestly, anything you get her she will love! She is not hard to please and is appreciative of whatever you give her! Thanks so much for doing this for her and her companion! She will be touched beyond words as well as myself!
Merry Christmas and enjoy your morning and know that this family is so appreciative of your kindness!!!
With much love
Travis and Lisa Clawson

This is good stuff. Thank you. We'll be sure to send pics. It's so fun having a companionship dedicated to just our ward. haha. They are fully involved and are very hard workers. A great example to all.
We thoroughly enjoyed having your daughters over!  Here are some pictures that we took that morning.  Good job raising such amazing women!  We appreciate their example and strength they are to the ward. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

...Forward from Ashley

These are the sisters we had Christmas breakfast with!

the 12th Day of Christmas my loved ones gave to me!

  So This Christmas my family sent me a 12 days of Christmas! It was the funnest thing to come home from a long tiring day and sit down and feel their love for me even more! They even sent stuff for Sister Lassen! How sweet!!!
On Monday, we went ice skating and that was soooooo much fun! Didn't fall! Knock on wood! Poor Sister Lassen fell 12 times! Not too fun! One of the Elders tried to teach me how to skate backwards...that didn't really work out at all hahahaha That night we went caroling with our ward. We had set up 5 groups and a list of people to go carol to and we passed out 26 He is the Gift cards for people to go on the website and understand  the true meaning of Christmas! Such a great website if you haven't gone to see IT,  go NOW!!! Like stop reading and do it!............Did you do it?! okay cool! hahaha!

....12 days of Christmas Pics

 Ready to start the 12 Days of Christmas Ma sent me and Sister Lassen?
How thoughtful! She is truly the BEST mom EVER! <3

Day 1

December is the time of year the days are getting cold. A nice hot cup of cocoa is like an ounce of gold. So find some nice hot water, and open the popcorn too! Warm up and stay cute! Think of us, and we will think of you!!!

We love our Hot Chocolate mugs! use the EVERY day!

Day 2

On the 2nd day of Christmas, you're always on my list, here's something fun to eat so you know that you are missed. Sit down--take off your shoes, here's something you adore. These chocolate truffles will give you energy as you go door to door.

  Not a big fan of most chocolates but these Lindor Truffles and Delicious!

Day 3

On the 3rd day of Christmas I send you writing stuff to remember how things are right now because memory is not enough.  Remembrance of your service to your Father up above, I think of you so often, and am sending you my love.

 Little Notebooks and super cute pens with frilly thingys and pompoms on the end! They make writing so much fun and quite entertaining, if you know me (: Ha!

Day 4

On the 4th day of Christmas you're always on my mind. I think of you so often and how you're one of a kind. The music you play is missed so much and I know you miss it too. So I am sending this to remind you of what you get to come home too! We love you!!!
I love music and to be able to listen to the flute is just the icing on the cake!

Day 5

On the 5th day of Christmas, the days go by so fast, I wanted to provide you with something that will last. A snowball was a bad idea from the very start. It melted fast and was a great big mess to give to my sweetheart. So I am sending you two Arizona snowballs to have some good old fun! No frozen fingers and a few surprises by the time that you’re all done!

 Super cute polka-dot bags!
 These, my friends, are my favorite type of snowballs, the Arizona type! You throw them and they light up! Needless to say, we have had WAY too much fun throwing them at each other when we think the other one JUST got to sleep! Ha!

Day 6
On the 6th day of Christmas, our hearts began to swell. The love we feel inside for you we could never tell.... You are changing people’s lives and making people joyful. And giving them the opportunity to accept the gospel and be prayerful. Together this creates a beautiful symphony. And that package fits together so awesomely!

Now Symphony bars are my FAVORITE!
Yum, Yum, Yum!!!
Day 7

On the 7th day of Christmas, a very special night, I wish I could be with you, the weather is just right. Now bundle up and stay real warm and keep that cold air out! And don’t forget to use this gift to keep those smackers in a healthy pout!!!

Perfect for chapped lips and it smell good!

Day 8

On the 8th day of Christmas, I know you're feeling beat, so set aside your books and put up your feet. I know the work can be sour, sometimes and frustrating as ever. But eventually it will sweeten up - prayer will make it better. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to succeed. And he will provide a way for you to plant and harvest the seeds!
 I guess Ma thinks I've gotten too sweet... Well, Joey did say that he misses my meaness! Ha!

Day 9

On the 9th day of Christmas, I know you're working hard. I knew that you'd need something more than just a little card. This gift will help you find a way to creatively connect, if not it is a great way kill some time and with it, a fun effect.
 Now we won't et bored on our downtime!!!
Wait... what is downtime?

Day 10

On the 10th day of Christmas I send you "peace on earth" as people all around the world celebrate His birth. To help us gain eternal life was our Lord's endeavor. Give away these stickers to show "Families can be Forever"
I think Sister Lassen was a tad excited to get stickers! Ha!
Day 11

'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. This stocking was stuffed by your siblings with care in hopes that your Christmas is more than just fair. So open up your goodies--your sock's full to the top. with presents, sweets, and blessings that won't stop!
These make the CUTEST trees!

 Some more explaining. Ma got a $2 bill from her Grandma every now and then and she does the same for us and I can't spend them so I have save and acquired quite a few over the years. They are really special to me!
 I have a little pocket sized Christus that I can carry around with me now!
 Jealous? (: Ha!
So a little bit of background for ya'll - Ma signs her letters always and forever! I LOVE this sign!
Day 12

Christmas day is special even though you're miles from home. Whispering of the Spirit tells me you're not alone. This gift you'll enjoy at all times of the year so keep our thoughts close and help us feel near. We love you Ashley! Merry Christmas!
 Olof Pajama pants!
He's so cute!! <3

My FAVORITE gift ever!
Keep them comen!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...From the mission Office

Monday, December 15, 2014

21 years old!!!!!! 10 months!

      Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I had a great birthday, being able to go to the temple to see Juanita Aaliyah and Nick do baptisms for the dead for the first time! It was the best present I could have ever asked for! Also got to see a few missionaries that I haven't seen in such a long time! Okay, I know, 4 months really isn't that long but on a seems like years! hahaha I got a package from Ma for my birthday and it was wrapped is sparkly glitter wrapping paper.......thanks Ma! I still have glitter everywhere! haha! Had a great dinner at home with Sister Wilkes.
   Monday we had lunch with Sister Wilkes for her birthday with Gary and Merilee Andrew from my last ward! It was really fun! Gary says I'm their favorite missionary! Awe! hahaha 
   We had a really good week of lessons and miracles happening all around us! Gosh Ican't remember what we did this week and I left my other planner at home so I guess I will finish this letter the way David likes it :D! Love you all so very much!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 Thanks David! love you too!!!
 ASU! pitch forks!
  Thanks for the older card! hhahah From my family - won't send a picture of Brittys tho! hahaha
 At the temple after baptisms!!!! it was sooo cool to be in there with them!!! Sweetest experience EVER!!!!!!!!!
My district!!!!  from left to right   Elder McArther,  Elder Ysla, ME!, Sister Lassen, Sister Nelson, Sister Kingsolver, in the front, Elder Jijon, and Elder Stapley, love them all!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wait.....It's December?!

I can't believe how fast December came this year! Was definitely not counting down for this one! This week was pretty good.  We were able to see a lot of people. The week started out fantastic and then it was one of those where the last 3 days went painfully slow! No one wanted to let us in or talk to us...that's just part of the missionary life tho. But great news, yes I'm going to go worldly here right quick (just for you Matt!), BSU won their last game and are going to go play U Of A down in the Fiesta Bowl!!!!! The only reason I'm excited about this is because my home and my mission home football teams are playing against each other. Now, the question is do I wear an AZ shirt or a BSU? hahaha
   Well, back to spiritual stuff again. I am still human! hahaha The temple was AMAZING, like usual! Brother and Sister Morgan and Sister Cluff came with us to do a session! It was really nice! Brother Morgan and I talked for a bit. When I come back me and him are going to go to the temple and just spend hours talking!!!! I'm excited! I learned a ton! 
  We had a great Christmas party but we didn't get a picture with Santa, sad day! hahaha It was really neat! We showed He is the Gift. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch the clip on! It's beautiful!!!!! It has a great message to it! We got to help decorate 2 Christmas trees as well! I love the people in my ward. They ALWAYS make us feel at home, especially during these holiday seasons!
   So last night we had dinner with a ton of people at the Siddoways house. Their next door neighbor, the one that we got with silly string last week, well, he came over with his brother and decided to get us back and Seran wrapped our car! I have pictures! hahahaha So we decided since he had already put 2 cookies on his plate to put some extra ingredience like toothpaste in his cookie! It was great! He took a bite of it said it tastes a bit like toothpaste and then ate the rest!!!! hahaha We told him what it was before he ate the 2nd cookie!!!! It was sooo funny! I was crying and my face was beat red!!!! hahaha It is a really good bond that we have with him and we are hoping it will help him in the long run! We went and watched the Christmas Devotional with the Andrews in my last ward because Sister Wilkes invited us to go and they sang happy birthday to all the December birthdays, including me. Their new daughter-in-law Emmalia and me share the same birthday and are both turning 21! Super cool!
  I love you all and am so thankful to have ya'll in my life! Best wishes to everyone!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 My car and it's decorations..... ha!