Monday, December 29, 2014

the 12th Day of Christmas my loved ones gave to me!

  So This Christmas my family sent me a 12 days of Christmas! It was the funnest thing to come home from a long tiring day and sit down and feel their love for me even more! They even sent stuff for Sister Lassen! How sweet!!!
On Monday, we went ice skating and that was soooooo much fun! Didn't fall! Knock on wood! Poor Sister Lassen fell 12 times! Not too fun! One of the Elders tried to teach me how to skate backwards...that didn't really work out at all hahahaha That night we went caroling with our ward. We had set up 5 groups and a list of people to go carol to and we passed out 26 He is the Gift cards for people to go on the website and understand  the true meaning of Christmas! Such a great website if you haven't gone to see IT,  go NOW!!! Like stop reading and do it!............Did you do it?! okay cool! hahaha!

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