Monday, December 8, 2014

Wait.....It's December?!

I can't believe how fast December came this year! Was definitely not counting down for this one! This week was pretty good.  We were able to see a lot of people. The week started out fantastic and then it was one of those where the last 3 days went painfully slow! No one wanted to let us in or talk to us...that's just part of the missionary life tho. But great news, yes I'm going to go worldly here right quick (just for you Matt!), BSU won their last game and are going to go play U Of A down in the Fiesta Bowl!!!!! The only reason I'm excited about this is because my home and my mission home football teams are playing against each other. Now, the question is do I wear an AZ shirt or a BSU? hahaha
   Well, back to spiritual stuff again. I am still human! hahaha The temple was AMAZING, like usual! Brother and Sister Morgan and Sister Cluff came with us to do a session! It was really nice! Brother Morgan and I talked for a bit. When I come back me and him are going to go to the temple and just spend hours talking!!!! I'm excited! I learned a ton! 
  We had a great Christmas party but we didn't get a picture with Santa, sad day! hahaha It was really neat! We showed He is the Gift. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch the clip on! It's beautiful!!!!! It has a great message to it! We got to help decorate 2 Christmas trees as well! I love the people in my ward. They ALWAYS make us feel at home, especially during these holiday seasons!
   So last night we had dinner with a ton of people at the Siddoways house. Their next door neighbor, the one that we got with silly string last week, well, he came over with his brother and decided to get us back and Seran wrapped our car! I have pictures! hahahaha So we decided since he had already put 2 cookies on his plate to put some extra ingredience like toothpaste in his cookie! It was great! He took a bite of it said it tastes a bit like toothpaste and then ate the rest!!!! hahaha We told him what it was before he ate the 2nd cookie!!!! It was sooo funny! I was crying and my face was beat red!!!! hahaha It is a really good bond that we have with him and we are hoping it will help him in the long run! We went and watched the Christmas Devotional with the Andrews in my last ward because Sister Wilkes invited us to go and they sang happy birthday to all the December birthdays, including me. Their new daughter-in-law Emmalia and me share the same birthday and are both turning 21! Super cool!
  I love you all and am so thankful to have ya'll in my life! Best wishes to everyone!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 My car and it's decorations..... ha!

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