Monday, March 31, 2014

SOOOOOO many Firsts!!!!!

This week has been great! We went hiking to Table Rock that over looks Treasure Valley (Boise Valley) I never knew how small Boise is! WE had all decided to climb up into a cave to take a picture but I couldn't get up on my own so Elder Shrink gave me his hand. I thought it would be for my stability so I could pull myself up, but no, he grabbed my hand and up I flew!!! hahaha He is so strong I didn't have time to try to get myself up. In the picture I went pretty far up and I was super scared of how to get down and so Elder Shrink helped me again! What gentlemen I have in my zone!
We taught Janet her last lesson and finalized her baptism details!  Thursday was the big day!! After we had our amazing sisters spring training we witnessed the baptism of Janet and her son Joseph! My first baptism and man was the spirit sooo strong! She has such great faith and you could feel it in the room. However she really wasn't too excited about all the pictures we took ha! After that we taught Brant, was baptized 3 weeks ago and we taught him about the temple and eternal marriages! It was really good! I love the temple so much and realized how much i took the fact that we live so close to the temple and not taken advantage of it for granted! I challenge all of you to go as much as you can! At least for me hahaha ;)
 Tuesday we had dinner at the Gillenwaters, such an amazing family! They had texted us the night before if we wanted salmon and i replied that we weren't big fans of fish and we get there and guess what was there... salmon!  So I big girled up and tried it! MAN what I was missing!!!!! I LOVED it!!! it was so delicious I got another piece!! Never thought I would ever like fish!!! I'm really going to miss having two wards! WE have transfers next week and I really hope I get put with Sister Gummow! We get along so well and get sooo much done!!
  We had a service project on Saturday with the Elders. It was at a Jewish church...we were the only white folk there. hahaha I have pictures! It was so cold that day cuz of the rain and we were smart enough to bring sweaters when the Elders didn't hahaha and we were inside so when we went to leave we gave them our jackets and I can't believe Elder Shrink fit into mine! Ha! There was a reason I got an XL sweater in junior high! hahaha!
 The General Women's Meeting was AMAZING!!! I loved how the 8 to 11 year olds sang the first verse of Teach Me to Walk in the Light almost to the rest of us who were sitting and with them standing we were replying to these little girls that we will take them by the hand and teach them. That points out the importance for all of us no matter what age to rely on each other for everything! For the old to teach and learn from the youth and  visa versa. Remember that the only barriers we have in life are the ones we put up ourselves! That is what stuck out to me the most during this meeting and how much I love Ma and how thankful I am for her and her great example of charity and service and love that have made me the person and the missionary that I am today! So never forget that someone is always watching and learning from what you are doing! I love you all and pray for you! Always look for those opportunities to serve someone and to share the gospel with them. We as missionaries can't do anything without you as members of the church! Stay strong to your baptismal covenants and close to God! Have a fantastic week!! I know I will!!! loves you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!
1. Me Sister DelNero, Janet, Joseph, Elders Stark and Mc Chesney (taught Joseph)
2. Sisters Gummow, Del Nero and me at the service project! Are you sure I'm in Idaho?! hahaha
3. My district in the caves climbing like monkeys! haha
Hope ya'll love the pics! I'll have more next week to send!!! love yous!!!! :D!
 My MTC comps me sister Facer and Cabreara. doing the Cabrera pose! hahaha
 Elder Stark with Sis Del Neros jacket and Elder Shrink in mine! They texted us that night and told us that they weren't going to give us the jackets back. ha! I told them they were funny... :)
Us at the meeting - they made frames that were hanging everywhere and ones that we could hold to take fun pics with!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


...Ashley lost her camera but printed out these pictures before it happened so she could have a copy of them. She sent them to me to scan and I have copied the words that were on the back.
Elder Anderson is from Benson! Randy was his shop and track coach! How funny, huh? Such a small world! We got talking about Benson and we are pretty sure that we have met before! Talking about his home with someone who has been there was of help to him!

2nd week at the MTC. My zone. My district and the district that came after us that I was a sister trainer over :)

Cabrera, Me, Elder Caskey, Elder Morrow
Two elders from the district that was there before me.
Sister Cabrera knew EVERYONE! Not really but really and she knew Elder Morrow before the MTC!

Facer, Smith, Elder McChesney, Cabrera, and Me
My district and the temple!

My District President, his counselor, and my district!

Cabrera, Facer, Smith, Me
The sisters! I Love them

There is another picture of me and Cabrera with the temple but I thought this was perfect with the Elder behind us. I forgot his name too...

Sis Smith, Facer, Me, Cabrera
This is the Cabrera pose! She seriously does this while she talks! Ha!

Smith, Cabrera, Elder McChesney, Me, Facer
My little district pointing to Idaho!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Crazy Full Week !!!!!

To start off one of the Sisters in our district went home early because of depression but shes doing so much better now! Which is great!!! So we took her to the mission office on Monday and off she went. So we are in a tri now and i love it!! We had a huge Saint Patrick's Day celebration over at our ward mission leaders house and we had 3 families but one of the families who werent members didnt show but it was a great FHE tho! We shared a message about the Atonement to start off the Easter season sooner! I really feel like thats how it should be! Starting the easter season off right after Saint Patties! So you have longer to think about the wonderful gift of the Attonement! Tuesday we had the new missionary meeting which was great!
  In 4 days we had taught 24 lessons!!! The Lord has blessed us so much with guidence to those in both of our wards that we need to see! SO we went into this horders house and Sister Del nero and Sister Gummow had to sit on a bench and I got a little bit of a couch. they had the cutest little puppies!! The funny thing tho is when the puppies both pooped right in front of the sisters by their feet!!!! It smelled soooo bad!! But the little girl Daisy wants to be baptized!!!!!!
   So Wednesday morning Sister Del Nero had locked herself out of the house but didnt ring the door bell so she decided she would knock on our window, which if you know me I'm terrified of looking out the window and seeing someone outside! One of my biggest fears! So we live in the basement and i was studying and herad the bangs but thought it was just people getting ready upstairs so I ignored it. It wouldnt stop so I looked up the stairwell to see if the door was locked and closed and there was nothing so I looked into our bedroom and I realized it was coming from the window! So I go into the bathroom where Sister Gummow is getting ready and tell her to come look out the window because I was too scared! S she did and there was nothing there so we go back to what we were doing and there was no sound for about 10 mins which then I thought it was just me hearing things. She goes to make her bed which is right by the window and the banging starts again! Her eyes get soo wide and we book it upstairs!!!! We look out the family room window and there she is sitting on the grass with a towel on her head!!! She had been outside for about 45 mins!!!!! She was soooo mad when we let her in!! We couldnt stop laughing tho!!!!
  On a more spiritual note we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Joseph and man, it was AMAZING!!!!! The spirit was stronger then I have ever felt it when I was prompted to invite him to be baptized! He said that he wasnt sure if he could...I couldnt speak cuz the spirit was so strong and then he continued his thought and honestly I dont really remember what exactly he said next because of how strong the Spirit was! His friend's dad, who is now  Bishop Young, explained the order of events from the time that Christ was born to his death to the Aposticy to the Reformation of the Catholic church to when Joesph Smith restored the gosple back to the earth! and Joseph understood more about what makes our church different. So we are praying that he understands and feels the truth of the gospel!
  I had my first exchanges this week! They were great! We got sister Hughes and Sister Del Nero went to the other area ( Sister Hughes' comp is from AZ! ) I learned so much and I grew so much! I was put in charge of my area so I had to decide things and focus on inspiration more than I ever have!!! My confidence as  a missionary sky-rocketed with her there!!
 On Sunday all three of us gave a talk. I'll type mine up and send it home next week! We are going hiking in just a bit so don't have much time! I love you all and miss you tons! But I know I am where I need to be! Oh, one more story we met this guy last night that we were refered to and he's into old cars and he has a model T that he wants to give us a ride in!!! I'm so stoaked!!! He emailed his son who is a stake prez that night and his son sent that email to my mission prez and he called us this morning and read those emails to us that basically said to not stop going to see him and just remind him of God's love for him and that we are doing an amazing job! We just talked with this guy and shared a scripture, sang, and said a word of prayer. What simple things can change people's lives!!!! I challenge all of you to do something simple to reach out to those around you this week!!! And email me what you did and what came out of it even if all you get in return is a smile then tell me! I want to hear about your missionary opportunities and how your testimony can grow through  doing these simple acts of kindness now. I love you all!!! Have a fantastic week!!! :)

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

.... Pictures

....Ashley sent these pictures with no explanation except that they were taken at the MTC.
Me and my best companion Elder Toth! Such a funny guy I for got the other guys name. Ooops!

Ashley's Aunt Lauren is the great grand daughter of LeGrand Richards and she was so excited to be able to stay in his hall at the MTC while she was there!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Saint Patricks day!!!!

Hey ya'll!!!

   Spring has arrived in Idaho! Its still in the 50s so that's pretty strange ha! Im really missing the 80 degree weather right now!. One of the sisters in the ward said there's one week of 100 in the summer....these poor people of Idaho!...-_- ha! Okay so super funny experience I wake up at like one am to my comp Sister Del Nero praying in her sleep!!! on her knees and everything in her bed!!! She says this happens a lot!! It was hilarious!!! So we went bowling last Monday I still stink at it I was last in every game! hahaha! I blame my toe thumb for getting stuck in the thumb hole... After me and Sister Gummow, a Sister in our district, went running while everyone else played basket ball. its was great!!! I miss running!!! We taugh Janic again today and moved her baptisimal date up to the 27 of March because of the general womans broadcast so that should be great!! We only have  a couple of more commandments to teach her and she will be ready to be baptized! She is so excited and in her prayers she always asks for her kids to have the desire to get baptized as well! She's such a sweet lady!!  It's crazy how many people live our standards but just don't realize it we taught her about the word of wisdom and she said she didn't like coffee or tea anywhos!  So we got cut miles on the 8th. they cut us about 150! So we walk everywhere now which is nice but not very productive.. Oh well. ha! So as we were walking Sister Del Nero laughed at me cuz I was super excited over something very small and she said my husband is going to be very lucky because iam  so easy to please! hahah what can I say :)
  Sister  Cotter plays the harp and so we went over to talk to her and she let me play it!!! Made my whole week!! I played a song on it as well its just like the piano but you have to change to sharp flat and natural with nobes that you move with your feet super difficult! This week was really slow but normal I guess. I did think that being a missionary would be a lot of work and not so much down time..maybe its just this area.. idk. So we were at Sister Robertson's house talking about her divorce and how well the trial went and  was playing with her cat, teasing it with cardboard and then the son brings up this place that has amazing mile shakes and I start thinking and talking about the butterscotch one and I see out of the corner of my eye the cat lung forward and my hand flys up and out goes the cardboard and I let out this really weird low scream! hahahahaha it was hilarious!!! I couldn't stop laughing I just kinda sunk down into the  couch and couldn't even breath!!!
   So me and Sister Del Nero get a call from President Winder, our mission president, and we think we are in trouble or something but he informs us that Sister Thompson has decided to go home early... So sister Gummow will be joining our companionship. Which I am super excited about her joining cuz shes amazing and I love her but sad that Sister Thompson is going home. But She has prayed and its the right thing for her to do. Heavenly Father has another mission waiting for her at home. Those that are thinking about serving really pray if its the right thing for you to do and know for a fact that it is! I have not regretted my chose at all even tho I have only been out for a month I love it!!
   We also got a new Bishop! The old Bishop Cauhoon bore his testimony and thanked everyone who accepted a calling while he was bishop and the Spirit was so strong when he was saying it that I knew those words came directly from Heavenly Fathers mouth and heart! I have felt the Spirit so strong the last month and it has been great! I'm still learning how to recognize it. we were challenged in the MTC to ask God to teach us how to feel the spirit and man has it changed my life!! I challenge all of you to do that!!! And when you pray to imagaine God right there with you and talk to him like he is your best friend asking him about everything tell  him about your week and troubles and joys! He IS your Father!!! I love you all so very much a pray for you everyday!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Too much FOOD!!!! Arizona is sooo smart!!

   So for all those that I told that I would not gain 20 pounds on my mission...its still not going to happen...but its going to be quite the challenge! Hahaha! Members feed us soooo much food and its sooo good!!! I have had such a great week!!! I don't think I have ever read soo much in my life! But you know what? I really enjoy it now! Although mornings are rough with trying not to fall asleep haha! I had my first experience with daylight savings....why can't every state be as smart as AZ!!!! I hate this loosing an hour of sleep its just dumb. Ha! So our zone has set a goal to get 47 new investigators in the month of March! It's going to be tough but I know with the Lords hand in everything we can do it! That leads me to tell you all of my very first experience of knocking on a random door and asking them if they wanted to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Crist! So I did and they were just sitting down for dinner and the dad answered the door and told us to come back some time next week during the middle of the week! Not to bad huh! :) Im so excited to teach people about the gospel and see them have the desire to change and see the blessings that will happen in their life as they learn of the doctrine and truth and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord!
   We went to a convert baptism this week and the guy that was baptized had the strongest testimony I have ever heard and he is so excited to share the truth he has come to know with his nieces and nephews, one of which is going to be baptized next month! Super exciting, right?! So we have this lady her name is Jannett and she's from Togo and we have been teaching her for the elders in our district since she doesn't want to be taught by elders...something to do with their society back home. But its been great! I extended the commitment to be baptized on March 29 and she said yes!!!! I'm soooo  excited!! I seriously can't wait till then!! And her son wants to be baptized as well!! Hopefully we can get her daughters to sit down and listen to the lessons as well!!
  We have another investigator  named Joseph. He use to love reading the Book of Mormon but has recently stopped reading it and we think we are loosing him and its just not the right time right now but we aren't going got give up! He came to the mutual we had it was a carnival with games and some spiritual booths and at the end we talked about the Atonement and I think it went really well!! He also came to church with his friend Adam! Adam is going to be a great missionary that's for sure!!! So we are praying that he will want to keep taking the lessons and want to be baptized and that he can help his family come unto Christ as well!
  We got about 5 referrals this week which is great. We contacted one his name is ref and we are going to go talk to him some time this week, sooner then later. We gave him a restoration pamphlet so read over! I am super excited! Along with the youth month of missionary work they are going to teach the 3rd lesson the gospel of Jesus Christ to members of the ward after dinner. So they get to experience of having dinner with a family and teaching. Me and Sister Del Nero are going with 2 groups that need the help and support on teaching so we are going on splits, Which should be really fun!
  So Sister Del Nero speakers her mind so that's been kinda difficult! But I have learned so much from her and I'm working on patience for this transfer which will be really good not only with her but with myself on teaching and explaining what is in my heart! But I really LOVE this work!!! Im sure I have more to share but I can't think of anything: you know me :P! I love you all and miss you so much!!! The Lord has been blessing me so much tho I have had no home sickness which is great!!! I'm getting along with everyone here and have made so many friends! I love the gospel and know that when we follow the commandments willingly that we will be blessed and guided throughout our life's! :D!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

First Pday in the Field

Today at 11:06 AM
Hey ya'll!!
 So Boise is pretty much awesome! It's like Mesa but cold and its more rural than Mesa which is nice! I'm in the Meridian East Stake, the Cloverdale ward, which their ward boundaries is as big as our stake boundaries! There really isn't much LDS people here which really surprised me! Plus there's a lot of land in between groups of homes. My new companion is Sister Del Nero! I'm so bad with names for the first 2 days I just said Sister! hahaha She thought it was funny! She has no problem pointing out my flaws which is a good thing but at times gets really frustrating but I've learned to take it and build on my weaknesses! The people here are super sweet and they have welcomed me into theirs lives and homes without hesitations! Sunday was intense so much attention was on the new sister and I have no idea how I'm going to be able to remember all those names! haha Saturday night we went over to sister Robertsons house to share a thought with her and see how she was doing with her divorce . She is sooo much happier now which is great!! She told me her son went to Mesa on his mission and so I told her I wanted to talk with him about my home town!! He didn't want to come out but I didn't take no for an answer! haha We talked and talked it was great to reminisce about the heat strokes and sunburns! haha Nah I love Arizona!! Apparently since he has been back he doesn't go  to church much anymore which is really sad. On Sunday during gospel priciples She shared that he had been strugglling with the divore and his testimony and that she stayed up till about 11 pm listening to his mission stories that she had never heard before!!! I love how the Lord directs us in our lifes to be answers to peoples prayers! That event really strengthened my testimony that I was called to Idaho for a reason! He was one of the reasons I was called here! I know that! :) We have an old peoples home in our ward which is great!! I love the people we get to talk with there!! I love hearing the trials and events in their lifes and the lessons we can learn from!! One of the ladies, Peggy Payne, hasn't been active for a good 40 years and I committed her to come to church - the first invitation I gave as a missionary and she came!! It melted my heart!! We also visited Janice Jepson and it was my turn to share a message and I was really nervous till I opened the Book of Mormon to a verse that talked about having faith in Christ that he will always be there for us in our trials and that's exactly what she needed! That was my first real experience of sharing a message by the Spirit and the Spirit directed me straight to that verse for Janice! I love this work soo much!!!
 During testimony meeting one of the dads got up and shared his testimony and through his son under the bus and said that he would be sharing his shortly...he didn't but it was hilarious!!! Oh there was also a boy wearing a bow tie!!!! I miss Joey's bowties!!! He's such a stud!! :) There is an Elder serving in Mesa that is from the ward I'm in right now. His name is Elder Anderson!! It's so cool how we kinda swaped places! Oh! SO funny!!! One of the moms that has a son out on his mission came up to me and told me I should write her son because we look alike and would make cute babies! Haha so I did and I told him what his mom had said! It was hilarious!! I love moms!!!! I was thinking about him and his circumstance of having his dad pass away on his mission, coming home to say bye, then leaving back to Canada and I was thinking how much courage he must have to leave them but then I realized that courage is the same as faith!! He had so much faith to go and finish his mission knowing that God would protect and provide for his family right after his dad passing! I really love how much the Lord has opened my eyes to those around me and how much I  can learn from people because God places people in your life for a reason that reason my never be shown to you but its there for us to grow and learn!! I know that the Lord will help us in our path back to him and through not only our trials but our daily lifes! I love all of you!!!! Thank you ALL for teaching me so much throughout my life!!! Till next Monday!!! Love ya'll!!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!

PS: There is this amazing site called that you can type up a letter and send it to me. you still have to pay for a stamp on the website but it gets it to me faster and if you don't like writing its perfect!!! :D!