Monday, March 10, 2014

Too much FOOD!!!! Arizona is sooo smart!!

   So for all those that I told that I would not gain 20 pounds on my mission...its still not going to happen...but its going to be quite the challenge! Hahaha! Members feed us soooo much food and its sooo good!!! I have had such a great week!!! I don't think I have ever read soo much in my life! But you know what? I really enjoy it now! Although mornings are rough with trying not to fall asleep haha! I had my first experience with daylight savings....why can't every state be as smart as AZ!!!! I hate this loosing an hour of sleep its just dumb. Ha! So our zone has set a goal to get 47 new investigators in the month of March! It's going to be tough but I know with the Lords hand in everything we can do it! That leads me to tell you all of my very first experience of knocking on a random door and asking them if they wanted to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Crist! So I did and they were just sitting down for dinner and the dad answered the door and told us to come back some time next week during the middle of the week! Not to bad huh! :) Im so excited to teach people about the gospel and see them have the desire to change and see the blessings that will happen in their life as they learn of the doctrine and truth and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord!
   We went to a convert baptism this week and the guy that was baptized had the strongest testimony I have ever heard and he is so excited to share the truth he has come to know with his nieces and nephews, one of which is going to be baptized next month! Super exciting, right?! So we have this lady her name is Jannett and she's from Togo and we have been teaching her for the elders in our district since she doesn't want to be taught by elders...something to do with their society back home. But its been great! I extended the commitment to be baptized on March 29 and she said yes!!!! I'm soooo  excited!! I seriously can't wait till then!! And her son wants to be baptized as well!! Hopefully we can get her daughters to sit down and listen to the lessons as well!!
  We have another investigator  named Joseph. He use to love reading the Book of Mormon but has recently stopped reading it and we think we are loosing him and its just not the right time right now but we aren't going got give up! He came to the mutual we had it was a carnival with games and some spiritual booths and at the end we talked about the Atonement and I think it went really well!! He also came to church with his friend Adam! Adam is going to be a great missionary that's for sure!!! So we are praying that he will want to keep taking the lessons and want to be baptized and that he can help his family come unto Christ as well!
  We got about 5 referrals this week which is great. We contacted one his name is ref and we are going to go talk to him some time this week, sooner then later. We gave him a restoration pamphlet so read over! I am super excited! Along with the youth month of missionary work they are going to teach the 3rd lesson the gospel of Jesus Christ to members of the ward after dinner. So they get to experience of having dinner with a family and teaching. Me and Sister Del Nero are going with 2 groups that need the help and support on teaching so we are going on splits, Which should be really fun!
  So Sister Del Nero speakers her mind so that's been kinda difficult! But I have learned so much from her and I'm working on patience for this transfer which will be really good not only with her but with myself on teaching and explaining what is in my heart! But I really LOVE this work!!! Im sure I have more to share but I can't think of anything: you know me :P! I love you all and miss you so much!!! The Lord has been blessing me so much tho I have had no home sickness which is great!!! I'm getting along with everyone here and have made so many friends! I love the gospel and know that when we follow the commandments willingly that we will be blessed and guided throughout our life's! :D!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!

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