Thursday, March 27, 2014


...Ashley lost her camera but printed out these pictures before it happened so she could have a copy of them. She sent them to me to scan and I have copied the words that were on the back.
Elder Anderson is from Benson! Randy was his shop and track coach! How funny, huh? Such a small world! We got talking about Benson and we are pretty sure that we have met before! Talking about his home with someone who has been there was of help to him!

2nd week at the MTC. My zone. My district and the district that came after us that I was a sister trainer over :)

Cabrera, Me, Elder Caskey, Elder Morrow
Two elders from the district that was there before me.
Sister Cabrera knew EVERYONE! Not really but really and she knew Elder Morrow before the MTC!

Facer, Smith, Elder McChesney, Cabrera, and Me
My district and the temple!

My District President, his counselor, and my district!

Cabrera, Facer, Smith, Me
The sisters! I Love them

There is another picture of me and Cabrera with the temple but I thought this was perfect with the Elder behind us. I forgot his name too...

Sis Smith, Facer, Me, Cabrera
This is the Cabrera pose! She seriously does this while she talks! Ha!

Smith, Cabrera, Elder McChesney, Me, Facer
My little district pointing to Idaho!

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