Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Saint Patricks day!!!!

Hey ya'll!!!

   Spring has arrived in Idaho! Its still in the 50s so that's pretty strange ha! Im really missing the 80 degree weather right now!. One of the sisters in the ward said there's one week of 100 in the summer....these poor people of Idaho!...-_- ha! Okay so super funny experience I wake up at like one am to my comp Sister Del Nero praying in her sleep!!! on her knees and everything in her bed!!! She says this happens a lot!! It was hilarious!!! So we went bowling last Monday I still stink at it I was last in every game! hahaha! I blame my toe thumb for getting stuck in the thumb hole... After me and Sister Gummow, a Sister in our district, went running while everyone else played basket ball. its was great!!! I miss running!!! We taugh Janic again today and moved her baptisimal date up to the 27 of March because of the general womans broadcast so that should be great!! We only have  a couple of more commandments to teach her and she will be ready to be baptized! She is so excited and in her prayers she always asks for her kids to have the desire to get baptized as well! She's such a sweet lady!!  It's crazy how many people live our standards but just don't realize it we taught her about the word of wisdom and she said she didn't like coffee or tea anywhos!  So we got cut miles on the 8th. they cut us about 150! So we walk everywhere now which is nice but not very productive.. Oh well. ha! So as we were walking Sister Del Nero laughed at me cuz I was super excited over something very small and she said my husband is going to be very lucky because iam  so easy to please! hahah what can I say :)
  Sister  Cotter plays the harp and so we went over to talk to her and she let me play it!!! Made my whole week!! I played a song on it as well its just like the piano but you have to change to sharp flat and natural with nobes that you move with your feet super difficult! This week was really slow but normal I guess. I did think that being a missionary would be a lot of work and not so much down time..maybe its just this area.. idk. So we were at Sister Robertson's house talking about her divorce and how well the trial went and  was playing with her cat, teasing it with cardboard and then the son brings up this place that has amazing mile shakes and I start thinking and talking about the butterscotch one and I see out of the corner of my eye the cat lung forward and my hand flys up and out goes the cardboard and I let out this really weird low scream! hahahahaha it was hilarious!!! I couldn't stop laughing I just kinda sunk down into the  couch and couldn't even breath!!!
   So me and Sister Del Nero get a call from President Winder, our mission president, and we think we are in trouble or something but he informs us that Sister Thompson has decided to go home early... So sister Gummow will be joining our companionship. Which I am super excited about her joining cuz shes amazing and I love her but sad that Sister Thompson is going home. But She has prayed and its the right thing for her to do. Heavenly Father has another mission waiting for her at home. Those that are thinking about serving really pray if its the right thing for you to do and know for a fact that it is! I have not regretted my chose at all even tho I have only been out for a month I love it!!
   We also got a new Bishop! The old Bishop Cauhoon bore his testimony and thanked everyone who accepted a calling while he was bishop and the Spirit was so strong when he was saying it that I knew those words came directly from Heavenly Fathers mouth and heart! I have felt the Spirit so strong the last month and it has been great! I'm still learning how to recognize it. we were challenged in the MTC to ask God to teach us how to feel the spirit and man has it changed my life!! I challenge all of you to do that!!! And when you pray to imagaine God right there with you and talk to him like he is your best friend asking him about everything tell  him about your week and troubles and joys! He IS your Father!!! I love you all so very much a pray for you everyday!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!

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