Monday, March 3, 2014

First Pday in the Field

Today at 11:06 AM
Hey ya'll!!
 So Boise is pretty much awesome! It's like Mesa but cold and its more rural than Mesa which is nice! I'm in the Meridian East Stake, the Cloverdale ward, which their ward boundaries is as big as our stake boundaries! There really isn't much LDS people here which really surprised me! Plus there's a lot of land in between groups of homes. My new companion is Sister Del Nero! I'm so bad with names for the first 2 days I just said Sister! hahaha She thought it was funny! She has no problem pointing out my flaws which is a good thing but at times gets really frustrating but I've learned to take it and build on my weaknesses! The people here are super sweet and they have welcomed me into theirs lives and homes without hesitations! Sunday was intense so much attention was on the new sister and I have no idea how I'm going to be able to remember all those names! haha Saturday night we went over to sister Robertsons house to share a thought with her and see how she was doing with her divorce . She is sooo much happier now which is great!! She told me her son went to Mesa on his mission and so I told her I wanted to talk with him about my home town!! He didn't want to come out but I didn't take no for an answer! haha We talked and talked it was great to reminisce about the heat strokes and sunburns! haha Nah I love Arizona!! Apparently since he has been back he doesn't go  to church much anymore which is really sad. On Sunday during gospel priciples She shared that he had been strugglling with the divore and his testimony and that she stayed up till about 11 pm listening to his mission stories that she had never heard before!!! I love how the Lord directs us in our lifes to be answers to peoples prayers! That event really strengthened my testimony that I was called to Idaho for a reason! He was one of the reasons I was called here! I know that! :) We have an old peoples home in our ward which is great!! I love the people we get to talk with there!! I love hearing the trials and events in their lifes and the lessons we can learn from!! One of the ladies, Peggy Payne, hasn't been active for a good 40 years and I committed her to come to church - the first invitation I gave as a missionary and she came!! It melted my heart!! We also visited Janice Jepson and it was my turn to share a message and I was really nervous till I opened the Book of Mormon to a verse that talked about having faith in Christ that he will always be there for us in our trials and that's exactly what she needed! That was my first real experience of sharing a message by the Spirit and the Spirit directed me straight to that verse for Janice! I love this work soo much!!!
 During testimony meeting one of the dads got up and shared his testimony and through his son under the bus and said that he would be sharing his shortly...he didn't but it was hilarious!!! Oh there was also a boy wearing a bow tie!!!! I miss Joey's bowties!!! He's such a stud!! :) There is an Elder serving in Mesa that is from the ward I'm in right now. His name is Elder Anderson!! It's so cool how we kinda swaped places! Oh! SO funny!!! One of the moms that has a son out on his mission came up to me and told me I should write her son because we look alike and would make cute babies! Haha so I did and I told him what his mom had said! It was hilarious!! I love moms!!!! I was thinking about him and his circumstance of having his dad pass away on his mission, coming home to say bye, then leaving back to Canada and I was thinking how much courage he must have to leave them but then I realized that courage is the same as faith!! He had so much faith to go and finish his mission knowing that God would protect and provide for his family right after his dad passing! I really love how much the Lord has opened my eyes to those around me and how much I  can learn from people because God places people in your life for a reason that reason my never be shown to you but its there for us to grow and learn!! I know that the Lord will help us in our path back to him and through not only our trials but our daily lifes! I love all of you!!!! Thank you ALL for teaching me so much throughout my life!!! Till next Monday!!! Love ya'll!!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!

PS: There is this amazing site called that you can type up a letter and send it to me. you still have to pay for a stamp on the website but it gets it to me faster and if you don't like writing its perfect!!! :D!

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