Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh  Ma! I love you!!! hahaha It was really funny I was like, yup, that's Ma saying bye before like 5 mins hahaha! It's all good. I loved the air plane. We went on a small 4 seat plane instead of 6. I really enjoyed it. When we got up in the air I was looking outside the window and felt so much love and appreciation for God and the world and all but  then I felt the strong power of Satan again....its crazy how at the mtc you don't feel it at all then when your back in the real world it hits you and you realize how much and real he is its insane!! But I am loven it here in Idaho! I arrived safe and sound, made some great lasting friends from the mtc and here with the elders, I flew here with one is from Gilbert!!!! He worked at Neds Crazy Subs kitty corner from Target!! Its soo cool!!! Ha! My new Comp is sister Del Maro, Shes 21 from California.  Before we got assigned me and Sister Facer where the only 2 left and she grabbed our shoulders from behind and said that she wanted one of us. One of the red heads! Love her!!! We clicked from the start, which is good. We have our first big event tonight with the ward youth. I think I am not exactly sure what it is hahah! Have my first lesson with Sister Martinez. Shes been through the temple and her husband and son are baptized but they don't come to church all the time so we are going to see how they are doing. And the Spanish sisters are teaching them the lessons because her husband understands Spanish better so that's awesome.  We are sharing the atonement with them and sharing Alma 7 11 -13 read it! Its great! Apparently its one of the passages this mission recites and memorizes and I highlighted it in the mtc while I was studying. It was so inspired! hahaha! I actually really like it here. Oh, I'm in the Meridain East ward its so pretty here its not super small town but its not Mesa City ha! It's the nice even middle between the two. I think I'm really going to like it here. We stay with a family, the Metsons I think. That's their name. I'm horriable with names! They are super sweet! Thank you for my bedding. I've missed cuddeling you with puffy blankets! Haha oh and I love the box!! Made me laugh to tell the story about work and uniforms! I'm doing really good! Better than I hoped actually! I've learned to love people so much without reservation and having just met them. I do have a testimony of the Gospel Ma. and I can share my thoughts with others now about it I have felt the guidance of the spirit so strong and just like prez blessed me with that when I ask and open my mouth the Lord will guide me to what I need to say and what will help people!  I'll write you later just wanted to let you know I'm here and safe and fantatic and I love you and everyone at home! Tell joey that I can feel his prayers when I lie down to go to sleep! Oh and thank you for the translation of joeys letter!!! That cracked me up!!!! Love you!!!
<3! Sister Ashley Clawson
 Ashley with President and Sister Winder
Sister Del Moro and Sister Clawson with the mission president and his wife

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