Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hey Ya'll!!!!
   The MTC is such an AMAZING place! I absolutly LOVE it!! So I'm in provo Utah but its hilarious how I feel like im in a completely different world! I will have these moments where i look at the mountains and say oh yah! I'm in Utah!! Hahaha its fantastic!! It's sooo cold here! My companion Sister Cabrera calls me Sister Arizona! So I am Sister Training Leader over my zone along with Sister Cabrera! Its super exciting and im already having a blast with our new district that came in this wed! I've only been here a week but I feel like its been a month but the days are sooo long ha! I love class time it is such an amazing experience everytime learning about characteristics of Christ and how to teach people not lessons! Brother Jones is one of my teachers he reminds me sooo much of Dakota it's crazy!!! He says game time all the time and he jumps off the walls when he's teaching and he served in Boise Idaho as well!!! I love it! Sister Mitchell is our other teacher. She has the spirit with her ALL  the time. I want to be her when I'm done with my mission, always relying on Heavenly Father for everything in her life! It's such an inspiration! My host left tues to Italy Rome! She is such a sweet sister! She reminds me soo much of Kailei!  It's been a crazy ride here so far but I want everyone to know how much I love them and our Father in Heaven does! I know this Church is the true and fully restored church on the earth! The next time I write I will be in Boise Idaho! Im so excited!!! Love you all again!! I dont think how much I can stress how much I love everyone thats one thing Heavenly Father has teached me here to feel love for eveyone even if I just met them. Sorry my thought are all so jumbled its so loud here I cant focus. The 2 districts in our zone that left this week went to Kentucky and to Las Vegas. One of the elders going to Kentucky reminded me of Matt!!! Apparently I really miss my cousins. hahaha. We went to the temple this morning which was awesome!!! I love being so close to my Heavenly Father I can feel him sitting right next to me. :)  Feel free to write and or email me whenever, I will email back or write next Monday when I'm freezing my little behind off in Idaho!
<3!! Sister Clawson!!!!
Guess what?!?!?!?! I am a MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cant believe it!! haha

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