Monday, March 31, 2014

SOOOOOO many Firsts!!!!!

This week has been great! We went hiking to Table Rock that over looks Treasure Valley (Boise Valley) I never knew how small Boise is! WE had all decided to climb up into a cave to take a picture but I couldn't get up on my own so Elder Shrink gave me his hand. I thought it would be for my stability so I could pull myself up, but no, he grabbed my hand and up I flew!!! hahaha He is so strong I didn't have time to try to get myself up. In the picture I went pretty far up and I was super scared of how to get down and so Elder Shrink helped me again! What gentlemen I have in my zone!
We taught Janet her last lesson and finalized her baptism details!  Thursday was the big day!! After we had our amazing sisters spring training we witnessed the baptism of Janet and her son Joseph! My first baptism and man was the spirit sooo strong! She has such great faith and you could feel it in the room. However she really wasn't too excited about all the pictures we took ha! After that we taught Brant, was baptized 3 weeks ago and we taught him about the temple and eternal marriages! It was really good! I love the temple so much and realized how much i took the fact that we live so close to the temple and not taken advantage of it for granted! I challenge all of you to go as much as you can! At least for me hahaha ;)
 Tuesday we had dinner at the Gillenwaters, such an amazing family! They had texted us the night before if we wanted salmon and i replied that we weren't big fans of fish and we get there and guess what was there... salmon!  So I big girled up and tried it! MAN what I was missing!!!!! I LOVED it!!! it was so delicious I got another piece!! Never thought I would ever like fish!!! I'm really going to miss having two wards! WE have transfers next week and I really hope I get put with Sister Gummow! We get along so well and get sooo much done!!
  We had a service project on Saturday with the Elders. It was at a Jewish church...we were the only white folk there. hahaha I have pictures! It was so cold that day cuz of the rain and we were smart enough to bring sweaters when the Elders didn't hahaha and we were inside so when we went to leave we gave them our jackets and I can't believe Elder Shrink fit into mine! Ha! There was a reason I got an XL sweater in junior high! hahaha!
 The General Women's Meeting was AMAZING!!! I loved how the 8 to 11 year olds sang the first verse of Teach Me to Walk in the Light almost to the rest of us who were sitting and with them standing we were replying to these little girls that we will take them by the hand and teach them. That points out the importance for all of us no matter what age to rely on each other for everything! For the old to teach and learn from the youth and  visa versa. Remember that the only barriers we have in life are the ones we put up ourselves! That is what stuck out to me the most during this meeting and how much I love Ma and how thankful I am for her and her great example of charity and service and love that have made me the person and the missionary that I am today! So never forget that someone is always watching and learning from what you are doing! I love you all and pray for you! Always look for those opportunities to serve someone and to share the gospel with them. We as missionaries can't do anything without you as members of the church! Stay strong to your baptismal covenants and close to God! Have a fantastic week!! I know I will!!! loves you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!
1. Me Sister DelNero, Janet, Joseph, Elders Stark and Mc Chesney (taught Joseph)
2. Sisters Gummow, Del Nero and me at the service project! Are you sure I'm in Idaho?! hahaha
3. My district in the caves climbing like monkeys! haha
Hope ya'll love the pics! I'll have more next week to send!!! love yous!!!! :D!
 My MTC comps me sister Facer and Cabreara. doing the Cabrera pose! hahaha
 Elder Stark with Sis Del Neros jacket and Elder Shrink in mine! They texted us that night and told us that they weren't going to give us the jackets back. ha! I told them they were funny... :)
Us at the meeting - they made frames that were hanging everywhere and ones that we could hold to take fun pics with!

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