Monday, April 7, 2014


So yes this week is transfer week. My new Companion is Sister Artchuleta! She is pretty awesome so far! I am super excited for this transfer. Hopefully we can get some new investigators! Monday we went to the Old Penitentiary which was pretty awesome!! It's crazy to hear what the criminals had to go through back then....really makes me wonder why they did what they did. Haha. WE did a lot this week - taught 26 lessons and visited a lot of people! I really don't wanna go back down to just one ward.
   SO we went to lunch with Don after helping him clean his house. Before we went to the restaurant he let us climb into his model T and take pictures!!! It was AWESOME!!!
  General Conference was just fantastic like always!! It was really nice not to have to yell at siblings to sit down and be quiet, hahahahaha, I love them tho!!! My mission has really opened my eyes to how important families really are and how much I just absolutely LOVE mine! and I am sorry everybody but mine IS the best.. :D! hahaha
  One of the investigator families in Sister Gummow's ward are just fantastic! We went over around 8 to catch them and we sang with them shared a scripture with them! They are so ready but there is that language barrier...I even sang a song with them in Chen their native language! It was pretty awesome!! They said I did really well but I think they were just being nice! Haha its a hard language!
  I hate unpacking! Packing I'm fine with but unpacking.... we had to pack everything up again and I moved back into the Matson's house. By the time I get home I am going to have some nice arm muscles! (well nicer then they already are ;P ) One of the Senior missionaries at the mission home always tells me and others that whenever he needs to weigh luggages or move anything heavy he is going to call me!! I helped him with Sister Thompson's bags and he was quite impressed!! Haha love it!! Moving furniture with Ma really paid off!
  I am sooo excited about tomorrow!!! Sister Smith, the Sister from the MTC that went home to have surgery, is going to arrive!!!! I can't wait to see her!!! I swear I am going to cry!!!
I love you all and hope and pray the best for you!!! Stay strong to the church! With Christ on your side you can do everything!!!!! and anything!!!! Pray for missionary opportunities and help those missionaries at home with referrals. This work can't be done unless the members become partners with the missionaries!!! Love you all!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!
 I've been a bad missionary and they decided to just lock me up!

 This is in death row! in one of the cells it says Arizona!!!! crazy huh?!
This is the penitentiary.
 The elders have been bad!! haha

  A bouquet of flowers that I got from an less active member we are teaching and we took them to a sister in the ward whose husband passed away a couple months ago. They brought tears to her eyes! I am so thankful that we can be guided everyday by the Holy Ghost!

 The awesome Model T!!!

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