Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Hey Ya'll!!!
 This week has been super long. But great! We talked to the activity day girls about serving a mission as a sister of the church. It was really good. Tuesday we had leadership exchanges so I was the senior companion to Sister McClellen who had been out a pressure right?.. So we finished up tracting one area and saw these construction workers and so the motto is talk to everyone. So we stopped and they were really nice guys. One was from AZ so that was awesome!!! They were both very interested about "the Mormons"  and they seemed very genuine. So we taught a lesson had a prayer gave them both Book of Mormons and one of them, Juan, wants to learn how to to continue my story the next day when Sister Archuleta was back Juan texted us so we were going to meet him at the park where he was working at to teach him. Then he asked if we could just hang. So we talked to the Elders to see if they would come and right when we met up with our district leader he sends a text asking for a picture of me...... So disappointing and really hurt. But the Elders that are in my district are so sweet they helped me through this and helped me realize that people will be people.
 So Sister Archuleta is obsessed with llamas so we found about 5 while on exchanges and the lady that owned them told us to come back later so we did. She wasn't home but her son was and let Sister Archuleta pet the llama!!! She was so excited!! She got to check it off her bucket list!!
WE have both found a deeper respect for these Elders that ride bikes everyday!!! We decided that it would be "fun" to ride bikes so we borrowed 2 from the Matsons, the people we live with, and off we went. At first it was fun when we passed the Elders all confused then I realized it wasn't... man our behinds have never been so sore. The Elders say you get a callous sooner or later...I don't want one. I like my car hahahaha! We are going to bike again on Tues if min eis fixed. The handle bars came loose while I was riding down a huge hill the scariest thing ever!!! But it was fun ha!
 So not much progress this week with teaching people but me and Sister Archuleta have grown so very close its great!!
 We did service for Brother Christanson, Elders Stark and McChesney live there, we weeded and dug out a really annoying tree. There was another set of Elders that came and helped us. We all had so much fun and I never realized how much I like doing yard work and dishes for that matter. After every meal I wash my own plate at people's houses and help them wash the dishes too. I love being a missionary. I have high standards that I have to live by but honestly I love it! There are set here to help me become the best person I can be and to help those around be change and become like Christ as well. Easter was great! The easter bunny found me and Sister Archuleta at the Matsons house! He is a really smart bunny! haha! The Matsons are the sweetest things for sure and I am so blessed to be living with them. I love you all and pray for you every night! Stay true to what you know! Just like President Millet says, "Is the church true? "  "YES"  ' Then nothing else matters!"
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!
 We are bunnies!!!
We found a tire swing!!!
  This is Sister McClellen. She's the one  I did exchanges with - love her!!! Oh and I got sunburnt that day! And its still cold here so I don't know how Cort, Britt, and Danni went swimming!! hahaha

 Sister Archuleta petting the llama!

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