Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey ya'll!!!!
 So I have THE best companion!!!!! Sister Archuleta is so freaken awesome!! We get along so well!!! This week was so much fun we went tracting every day and we got 9 new investigators because of it!!! I love it!!!! And we met soo many amazing people and learned so much about ourselves!!! It has been a blast!!!! Sister Smith ,the one that left to get her gallbladder removed from the mtc is here and Sister Gummow is training her ,my third comp, and shes in my zone!! So I was the first to see her the first day she got here!! I love her so much!!!!
 So 7 weeks out and I am driving now for the mean while till we can figure out why sister Archuleta cant drive. I love the Elders in my area!! We have a new District leader Elder Madrid who is just Prenominal! Sister Archuleta was having a hard time with being here and he came over and gave her the most personal blessing that helped her sooo much!! I loved being there to witness this 19 year old who is worth to have and use the Priesthood the power of God to help out his sister!! Please always be worthy to help others when they need you all you priesthood holders!!!
 This week I have felt the love of the Lord so strong because of Sister Archuleta's struggles. I feel a bit of His love thats sooo overwhelming when I am talking with her trying to help her!
 Okay so everyone always says they have that one family on their mission that is THEIR family!! The Macolas are mine!! They are hilarious and loud!!! They have an older son Eli who is 19 and should be going on his mission...and he forgets my name so he calls me Sister Guns and Trucks!! I love it!!  I think i wrote that last time.. haha oh well!!
So I will send pictures out later tonight we have an appointment that we have to go to ! love you all stay strong and cleave unto your Father in Heaven in all things and he will direct your path for good!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!

These flowers have a very beautiful story to them! We got them from a lady we are teaching. She gave them to me cuz I told her I loved them and she works at a flower shop so she just gave them to me. We got in the car and the thought who should I give them to. It came to mind and I thought of Sister Hale at first because her husband has cancer but we ended up going to Sister Rowley whose husband had died from cancer 3 weeks before I got here and she was taking out her trash and crying because she hated to do it so it was always his job. She really needed the flowers that night and I am so thankful we followed the Spirit to take them to her instead!!

Me and my new companion sister Archuleta! She is just fantastic!! love her! We were doing comp inventory and we had written things we like about each other and posted them on each other's foreheads hahaha I love it!!!

We went and taught at an Easter egg party it was really fun we taught about the real meaning for Easter the atonement of Jesus Christ and then hid eggs and we also took eggs to our District and zone :)

I really liked my outfit and sister Archuleta did my hair! Super cute and old fashioned! I was definitely born in the wrong era! hahaha
Sister Archuleta LOVES llamas!!!
This is Eli the one that calls me sister guns and trucks and sister archuleta thinks he looks like thor! hahaha
I am not sure if I sent every one the other pictures so if you want I have a blog that you can look at as well! love you all ask ma about the blog! haha have a great week and until next time!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!

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