Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...Christmas morning with the Yoders

 I want to share this correspondence with the Yoder family~
Merry Christmas Lassen and Clawson Families,

A little introduction I suppose. My name is Roman Yoder, I grew up north of Orlando in Florida and served my mission in Salt Lake City. I know crazy huh? My wife Cathy grew up here in Boise and we actually live in the ward she grew up in. We just hit our 20 year anniversary and have 8 beautiful children. 4 boys 4 girls. Our oldest, Aaron, is 18 and enters the MTC on FEB 4th, heading to the Portugal Lisbon Mission. Haley 15, is a sophomore in high school and loves volleyball (you can probably tell which one she is) and choir. Megan 13, is our bittersweet baby. She was born on 9/11/2001. She is in the 7th grade and loves to draw and read.  Zack 11, is in 5th grade and our little brainiac. He loves sports, specifically soccer. Seth will be 9 in about 3 weeks and also loves sports especially football. He is in the 3rd grade. Logan is 6 and in 1st grade and is really into Mindcraft right now....who isn't right? haha. Mallory is 5, and thinks she is the mom and is sure to let everyone know. Olivia was just born in August, kind of our surprise baby. She is #8 born on 8/8. Kinda cool if you are into that number thing.  

Some of the fondest memories I have when I was little was having the missionaries over for breakfast on Christmas morning. We have tried to maintain that tradition in our family now. This year we will be honored to have your daughters in our home for a good ol' southern breakfast on Christmas morning. Grits, eggs, bacon, toast and everyone's favorite homemade orange julius are on the menu. Don't worry some of my kids don't like grits either. More insulting is the fact that my wife taught them to put brown sugar on it. haha. Ya just don't put brown sugar on grits. lol! 

So, in conjunction with this little family tradition we would like to get your missionaries a gift. Or gift card. It seems like that is the way to go these days. We would like to keep it a surprise although I'm guessing they know I'm contacting you since I asked them for your email addresses today at church. haha. 
Do you know or have they mentioned a favorite store or resturant? Or do you happen to know of anything they stand in need of. Clothes, personal items, groceries, etc. What would be really cool is if we got them something unique to them or their family. For example, Sis. Clawson played her flute for the prelude music today and it was very beautiful. Do your daughter's have any other hidden talents that are specific to them that we could get them a gift that would tell them I did a little research and mom or dad spilled the beans. That way they can be mad at you. haha. Unfortunately, this tradition was in jeopardy until yesterday, so I apologize for the time crunch this may put all of us in, especially for the unique gift thing. If if doesn't work it doesn't work. But we would like to get them something either way. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Thank you for your sacrifice and sharing your missionary with us in the Idaho Boise Mission. 

Warmest regards this holiday season,

The Yoder Family!
Bro Yoder-
You have a beautiful family! Sis Clawson will love being at your house! She has a special ability with young children and it is the perfect place to spend Christmas morning! Thanks so much for your kindness! It is a hard time having her gone at this time of year but knowing she will be spending the day with people like you is comforting.
Things she is interested in- Well, of course, you know she plays the flute, and very well too! I am sorry I missed it! She loves music! She has an interest in sign language and took classes in high school. She is a cowgirl at heart and loves anything related! She was a nanny before her mission and loves children. As far as restaurants go, her and her best friend love to go to Chilis and do so all the time. Honestly, anything you get her she will love! She is not hard to please and is appreciative of whatever you give her! Thanks so much for doing this for her and her companion! She will be touched beyond words as well as myself!
Merry Christmas and enjoy your morning and know that this family is so appreciative of your kindness!!!
With much love
Travis and Lisa Clawson

This is good stuff. Thank you. We'll be sure to send pics. It's so fun having a companionship dedicated to just our ward. haha. They are fully involved and are very hard workers. A great example to all.
We thoroughly enjoyed having your daughters over!  Here are some pictures that we took that morning.  Good job raising such amazing women!  We appreciate their example and strength they are to the ward. 

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