Monday, July 14, 2014

25 Lessons!!!!!

Now to explain what I mean by the title of this email hahaha~ So President Winder has challenged all the missionaries in the Boise Mission to teach The Restoration of the Gosplel of Jesus Christ to every member in the ward. We have about 400 or so... :D It has been THE best experience tho! I have seen so many people's testimonies grow by hearing how the fullness of Jesus Christs gospel was restored to the earth. I have received conformation over and over every time I teach this lesson as I testify to people that Joseph Smith did see God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ and they did tell him that they would restore, or bring back the fullness of the gospel to the earth through him. and that ONLY through the priesthood the power of God could he have translated the Book of Mormon. I love this gospel and I know that  through the Book of Mormon can people come closer to God than by any other book! I love how the Holly Ghost of the Spirit works. I have been in a lesson teaching about the Restoration and when I'm done I don't remember half the things I said or have ever said certain things about the Restoration and I know that whatever I did say and learned while I was teaching was from the Holy Ghost and was meant to strengthen my testimony and those that I was teaching!
  I challenge you all to invite the missionaries over to your house to teach your family the Restoration! It will help you develop a deeper love and appreciation for the Gospel and Joseph Smith and our Savior! I know with out a doubt that the Gospel is true! Sister Fugal, a ward missionary and an amazing lady, gave a talk on Sunday ~ she said this "All that matters is that God lives all the questions and concerns and doubts do NOT matter!" it is soo true! As long as you have a testimony in God and know that He would love us so much to send his son to die for us and then to restore the fullness of the Gospel back to the earth none of the anti Mormon stories or attacks will matter! Stay strong to what you know and what the Spirit has already witnessed to you! I love you all so much! and love hearing from you!! Carry on!
one of my favorite quotes
  "How much life do we miss while waiting for the rainbow after the rain?"
find the joy in the trail!
 We chalked our elders stairs we really do love them!
  Fourth of July!!!!!
  Sister Archuleta did my hair today ~ cute huh?!
 Red solo cup! Don't worry its only Diet Coke!! hahaha

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