Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So funny thing Sister Archuleta just pointed out to me that I have been spelling transfer wrong this whole 6 months! hahaha So I am now with Sister Delahoyde! She is super cute and we are soooo alike! It's going to be a great transfer! We are both looking to change things around here in Boise West in the Summerset ward and just rock it! She is from Wyoming and she's been out one transfer longer then me so it will be fun to work together and get this ward missionary-minded so the work can progress faster!
   Remember that service project I had told ya'll about? Well we finished it up by putting rock where the bark had once been. So Sister Smith and I shoveled the rock into wheel barrows and the elders pushed those heavy things and then Sister Archuleta and Sister Manis spread the rocks out. We did this for about 4 hours straight! My hands had soo many blisters on them! I got one not to pop and it eventually went down and I've been peeling the ones that had already popped off yesterday. It was a really good work out, lets say that. hahaha My back hurt so much but the look on the manager's face when we finished was all worth it! I love helping people out so much! She invited us to their national night out where me and Sister Smith did face painting. Those who know me really well know that I am NOT an artist by any means! hahaha But it was a blast!
   So funny story I now live with the Cloverdale (my last area) their ward mission leader's mother-in-law! It is great! So I get to see the Andrews every once in a while now! So that's awesome!
   We were doing companionship study today and I realized everything I'm going through here on the mission is so I can fix my downfalls. Let it be people or feelings. I can see those same temptations here and it's easier for me now to ignore them and to learn how to control myself.  I love being on a mission! I have grown myself soo much already but the great part is that I have seen so many other people grow as the Lord was guiding me through the Holy Ghost about what to say. I love this Gospel and know that it has been Restored completely and fully today! I love you all and do miss you! I would say I'll write more next week but  I feel like I say that a lot but then never do hehehehe but that's me! I love ya'll so much and my Savior! Be safe and have a great week!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 Face painting!  Thank goodness for the stencils we used!
This family has a recording studio In their basement he is an professional opera singer or was ahaha he gave us one of his CDs and he signed it we embarrassed him sooo much! hahaha
 I think I'll send you another package of pictures its easier for me that way :)
 My zone together for the last time!
Us doing the service project I think ill send you another package of pictures its easier forme that way :)

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