Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are we missionaries or children? :D

This week was full of fun! So just to start off by explaining the title! haha so we have the coolest people in our ward! The Morgans! So brother Morgan is an engineer so he made a zip line in his back yard and has a big field and a dirt volley ball court! Best of all, he has this train that he made out of barrels and a lawn mower! It's so sweet! I didn't have my camera so I'ill send some pictures of the train next week! We also carved pumpkins! Super fun! Now seriously felt like kids for those few hours that we had, it was great!
One of our investigators needed help with cleaning/organizing her garage so we helped her and man she has a HUGE collection of beanie babies! Seriously, bags and bins full of them! It was hilarious!
We had 5 investigators come to church today and more next week that are for sure coming! Super excited about that! Super awesome news for this week is the Baptism of Allison! She is a 9 year old that we have been teaching and she got baptized on the 11th and confirmed as a member of the church on the 12th, my 8 month mark! Both of her parents are inactive members and her dad really wanted to baptize her but seeing that he is inactive he wasn't worthy to perform the ordinance. He has one more daughter that he can do that for in 4 years so we are hoping and praying through Allison's example that she will be able to help both her mom and dad come back into full activity in the church! 
Things are going great here in Idaho! The Lord is hastening His work for sure now the question is can we keep up? This area has exploded with new investigators and people that are ready to come back to church! One question one of our investigators had the other night after we told her that a lot of people in the ward know her and thinks she's awesome was if they think that, why don't they ever come and say hi to me.....kick to the heart! I didn't know what to say to her. No matter what situation we are in if you think people are interested in the Gospel or not, my challenge to ya'll is to reach out to EVERYONE and never forget about them. Just like we all need someone one time or another in our lives they do too! Look for people to serve and invite and befriend them! I love you all and can't wait to see and hear from ya'll!!!!! Have a great week!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Elders carving pumpkins!
 Allison's baptism!
Ursula and some funky wigs!!!
 Sister Hughes last zone meeting!!!!
We put on the same pair of shoes not knowing it! Can I say companion unity!!!!
Elder Patrlow and Jijon! love them!
And this folks is my favorite companion!!!!!!

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