Monday, September 29, 2014

General Conference!

This was a very interesting week very slow but super good because of conference! Which, lets face it, was AMAZING! We had 8 investigators watching! I loved how Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar talked straight to people that aren't members of the church! I invite everyone that isn't a member that is reading this to go watch thoes two talks on, they explain a lot about the LDS church!
  We were able to teach Cindy and Gary this week, finally, and we invited her to be baptized and she knows she wants to so we also invited her to pray for a date to be baptized. She has been taking the lessons for about 6 years now and we both think and feel that her time to be baptized is soon!
   We also taught Juanita and her kids. On Thursday we went over with Sister Hatcher ( a crazy awesome mother type member in the ward) and had a big Q and A session and man did they have a lot of questions! They ranged from the Law of Chastity to the Word of Wisdom to random stuff the kids have heard about the "Mormons". Juanita's husband is very cynical right now but that night he really opened up to me and we talked and I answered and clarified a lot of questions he was having, which was really good and we found out that he use to go to the LDS church a couple of years back so that's really cool! The next night we taught then the Plan of Salvation and as Juanita finished reading a scripture out of the Book of Mormon, she says that it is true! We asked them all to pray about baptism and a date. They all said that they will and do want to be baptized! Josh, one of the sons who is 18, said that he had never been interested in religion at all but now since he's been talking with us he thinks about it a lot more and really wants to learn more and go to church.
  This ward has exploded with work, the Lord really does put prepared people in our way to help teach and guide them back to him! Luke is another investigator of ours that is in a very interesting situation. He is still a she but identifies as a male and knows the church is true and wants to be baptized as well. He has so much faith it is amazing! He was talking with different missionaries in Nampa whom he thinks are letting their personal feelings get in the way of him being baptized, which is sad. When he was telling us this an experience I had before my mission came back to my mind and now I know why this person was in my life then and has the same feelings as Luke does. It was to open my heart to their feelings and understand where they were coming from so that when I met Luke it wasnt such a hard transition for me. I could be able to give him the same love and respect as I would give any one else, which he totally deserves!
   So speaking of Nampa and that mission..... me and Sister Delahoyde really don't like them right now! hahaha So Jerod, our golden investigator, moved to that mission! That counts 2 that Nampa had taken from us! I know Nampa didnt "take' them but Heavenly Father knows where he needs to be to gain the best experience and who will be able to touch his heart and understanding better. I just dont like that he's gone. hahaha But then again Logan, my recent convert, was being taught in the Nampa Mission before we baptized him hahaha  I guess we are even then lol
   Well I love all of ya'll and I pray that ya'll will feel and understand the truth of what the Prophet and Twelve Apostles and General Authorities said this last weekend! Have a great week!!! And carry on!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

Lunch with Sister Wilkes! yum yum yum chicken rice soup! I have come to LOVE soup!!!!!

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