Tuesday, September 2, 2014

As a Missionary Holidays are not my Favorite...

So Sunday me and Sister Delahoyde were super excited about emailing on Monday, I really was to email Britt since her B-day was that day then our Bishop reminds us that it is a holiday......So to say the least I am VERY excited to email today Tuesday........
   This week was pretty awesome! We were guided to 5 new investigators to teach! They are all very promising! The Lord's timing is everything let me tell you!!!!  Every time we go to do a service project half way through it I realize that I should have taken a before and after picture to show ya'll..hahaha so there is this huge ugly willow tree across the street from us at one of our investigators houses. Her husband really liked how over grown it was but she didn't. So now that he's gone and out of the picture I got to attack it! hahaha It has bugged me since I got to this area! hahaha So we had Elder Taylor and Elder Ysla our District leaders come and help us. Elder Taylor was all up in the tree cutting of dead branches and aiming them towards me! hahahaha Oh Elders! We really enjoyed ourselves but the job isn't finished. We are having a member in the ward look up what a taken care of willow tree should look like so we can finish the job and I can stop being OCD about it! hahaha 
 We finally got to meet Lacy's kids, all but the oldest. There is Taylor and he's 10 and Brooklynn who reminds me sooo much a of Kenzie who is 7. Josh the older\st one was at a youth activity at another church. We taught them the Restoration and Taylor got everything! He is such a smart kid! We met Josh a couple nights later and cute miss Brooklyn came sat next to me on the couch and put her blanket over the both of us and asked when we were going to learn about church!?! The sweetest thing ANY missionary could hear!!!!! So we shared Alma 7 about how Jesus knows our pains and can help us whenever we need him all we have to do is ask! Ursula one of our investigators came with us and she knows quite a bit about the church and started help teach the kids! It was such a neat experience! They all came to walk us out to our car and each of the kids wanted a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet that they could have and read! SO stinken cute!!!! Now Lacy and Ursula are going to go running together and be each others social life! hahah They are in about the same situation with the husband out of the picture and kids to take care of so they will be great for each other! 
   The Stewarts are very interesting, they have been investigating the church since '07. They want to be taught the lessons again and are married now which is SUCH a relief! We both feel that this is their time to come back to church! So we are hoping and praying that we can help them realize what they have come to know over the years what is true! 
   Jerod is another one of our investigators who lives with his cousin Melissa who is also an investigator! They are both very sweet! We taught them both about the Book of Mormon and they each wanted a copy to read. Something really cool about the Book of Mormon in the front there are pictures and those pictures help explain what the Book of Mormon is all about! It comes in handy when we are teaching about the Book of Mormon and it gets them into the pages and looking at it! 
    So now for Stake Conference notes from last week!
  Just as a note before I start Elder Bednar didn't have ANY notes with him at all!
  He started off talking about how the Lord hastens his work, not us and are we as members going to stay up to his speed. Repentance has a whole new meaning to me now! Repentance means to turn, to turn away from the world and to our Savior! Sin is selfish and self centered but as we repent we turn to the Lord and we need to quit looking back and have the faith that the Lord will forgive us as long as we forgive ourselves. Repentance requires the Redeemer and that he doesn't punish us for the sins we make. We punish ourselves because we push the spirit away because the Holly Ghost cannot dwell in unclean things! He talked about this game that some people seem to be a part of and think about with repentance that they can sin and then repent of it later and be clean to go to the temple or on missions. Which is totally wrong, how can you repent with real intent when your real intent was to sin in the first place! Repentance is a renewal, like if you had a stain on a dry clean only dress and you take it to the dry cleaners and they clean it for you but you can't wear it till its done right? SO why loose time while you are in the "dry cleaners" to do good? Don't loose time - repent now and prepare and prevent for those temptations that can turn into sins rather then repairing and loosing time in the "dry cleaners" 
   So since we only have an hour to write today I'll write the rest next week! I love you all so much and really want you to take all that Elder Bednar said to heart and think of ways you can prevent those temptations from becoming sins. Have a great week!!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!!!!!

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