Monday, September 29, 2014

Real Email This Time! :D!

    To start off I'm going to share an experience that most RM's out there will understand. So last Monday we were at Sonic grabbing a drink with a member and I went to throw my cup away and this man says I want to talk with you, so I turn back around and I said I'm sorry I didn't hear you then he said it again so I was like cool could we get your number to set up an appointment to talk. And so he did and we kept playing phone tag for a while till we actually set an appointment. He wanted to meet up back at Sonic.....see where this is going RM's?.....So we did and he sits down and starts into us. Telling us how the Book of Mormon is condemning the Mormons...idk I really didn't listen much after that but I was very nice and I did really well at controlling my red hair, Quamo, I have my companion now calling me Red hahha, and we excused ourselves and left. I love talking about the Gospel but if you are wanting to argue and Bible bash no thank you, contention is of the devil.
    We had a really good week this week taught 16 lessons and 15 of those were to investigators! We have about 10 investigators and one of them is getting baptized on October 11th which is super exciting and we are waiting on a couple more dates to be set hopefully this week! I love how I can see the Gospel change people's lives for the good!
    So every time transfers come there are a bunch of new missionaries fresh from the MTC. Different wards take turns helping with the lunch that first day. No one signed up from our ward because it was really last minute so we signed up and could only do it if we brought an investigator, which we did and it was a blast! So there is this new missionary that I knew his name Brooke Thompson, and he was from Mesa too so I met him and it turns out he went to Franklin East as well but a year under me how cool! Such a small world!
   The Morgans are such a great family! Their daughter, Sister Cluff is crazy awesome! She says her hobby is missionaries! We spent a couple of hours helping them can tomato soup, soooo good and so much fun! We already have it planned that the same time next year I will come up and help them can everything! hahahaha
  We are teaching this Catholic family who really don't go to church all that much and we taught them about the Restoration and both of the kids say they want to be baptized and to go to church! Their oldest sister was baptized about a year or so ago and they see how much happier she is and they want that in their lives so they are really going to study and listen. We set up a time to come back over and teach more and the daughter, Aaliyah wants us to come over more then once a week!!!!! They all have a ton of questions and are really interested! Their dad has lost all of his faith after his dad passed away and now is on dialysis so he is very close minded on everything right now.
    Luke.......SO I might loose you here so pay attention for this one. Amanda was his name before' now its Luke and his boyfriend is 49 and he is 23 and he believes all that the missionaries have taught him thus far. very interesting situation. Now dont get me wrong I have many friends like this and they can do whatever they want I dont typically like it or approve but they are still my friends and I love 'em. So this will be a really fun conversation with him as we teach him more and figure things out together and we continue teaching :) prayers are ALWAYS welcomed! hahahaha 
   I can't tell each one of you enough how much I love this Gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ! 

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 ( My uncle David says I need to send more because he doesn't want to read my letters.... -_-)

When we travel as missionaries we have to be in our church or proselyting clothes so as we went from one service project to the other this is what it looked like! hahahaha
Look closely. doesn't she look like that watermelon?! hahaha Her watermelon outfit we call it! Watch out with that knife!
 Got my family history all the way to Adam the first man on earth from 2 different lines!
 Oh we are just canning! Yumm!!! So if you get a chance ya'll have to try this! Start off like you are making a Grilled cheese but forget the cheese and put peanut butter with brown sugar on it and grill it! Delicious!  Some more "Barney Butter" recipes Debbie!
Rescuing the cat with a Book of Mormon! that is how its done!
My turn! it worked this time! hahha

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