Monday, September 22, 2014

What did we do this week?

Why is that always the question I ask myself every Monday! hahahaha Weeks go by so fast and everything seems to blend in together!  So Sister Delahoyde is a bit of  a prankster. So two of her old Zone Leaders were going home and one of her companions and it was her old comps birthday so we invited them all over to a family in her ward's house and sat all three down and pied them in the face! hahaha It was great! I wish I had the pictures but I will get them. Now I know how fun it was for Joey to pie me in the face for my birthday! hahaha
 We met this super awesome lady Tamara. We met her through her neighbor who told us to go see her. We talked for quite awhile and helped her with her animals - goats and a horse. The horse loves me! hehe She is going through a lot of trials right now in her life. We were talking and she said she has been baptized 2 times, once as a baby and about a year ago and she doesn't feel like shes fully baptized like somthing is missing and she's really interested about learning more and reading the Book of Mormon! You do some interesting things on your mission and this is one of them. She feels like there are evil spirits or orbs as she calls them in her yard because of her neighbor that just moved in and her and her friend had blessed one half of the yard but she wanted someone else to walk around and pray to bless the yard so we did. Can I tell you one of the wierdest things is saying a prayer with your eyes open as you walk around trying not to step in horse poo! haha She also wants us to be there when she puts her dog down for support. She is such a sweet lady who really wants to please her Father in Heaven and come closer to Him!
 So Wednessday we had a Sister's Meeting with all the sister missionaries in the mission. It was really good. We talked about the Priesthood and the different roles people play in it and that we all have the power of the Priesthood. We also had this crazy energetic lady who I'm sure is a grandma and is a persaonal trainer come in and teach us about eating healthy, portion control and excersize. So all in all she called us all fat! hahahaha She sure knows how to make me feel great about myself! hahaha
 So we mow a lady's yard every Wed. and I love it! Except for all the mushrooms. I mean really gross!!!!! ha! So I love it when ladies here try to hook me up with their sons.It's quite funny! I can't help but laugh and most of the ladies that do it I absolutely love ha!
Oh, yeah! Transfers came and I'm staying with Sister Delahoyde. It definitely did not feel like 6 weeks!
  So I love you all and I pray that you all have a great week!!!! Stay safe, DRY,

and carry on! 
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
picture time!
 Did you know that in the fall leaves turn RED?!
The best picture I have of my district! hahaha

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