Monday, August 10, 2015

  I love being a missionary! I love being able to leave an impression on people's lives! And seeing the impression that they have made on my life! I will NEVER be the same person I left as! NEVER! I have been called to leave my nest and feed His sheep! That is my calling for the rest of my life! I LOVE it! This week I had many opportunities to share my testimony seeing I'm leaving soon. I have never liked sharing my testimony before, mainly because I never felt like I had one. But now I can stand straight and say firmly that  I KNOW that Jesus is the Christ my Redeemer and that He lives! Because He lives we can too! Being a missionary has taught me more fully our Divine Potential, that we are ALL Gods' children! That fact has helped me see others the way Christ would see them. Adding to that being called as a Sister Training Leader to help these wonderful sisters out here who have really become my sisters has opened my heart up immensely! I felt the love of Christ before my mission with a friend's mom and now I can say that I feel that every day as I look at these wonderful Sisters and Elders who have changed my life with their examples and love and treating me like their sister! I will always be blessed with these memories and many more experiences as I live my life as a disciple of Christ! And  ya'll can do the same! Go to and serve the Lord!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 We went to Tangos for the last time! yumm!!!

 This is Elder Gunnel I had better pictures of him but his eyes were closed and a stupid hand was in the way.... he goes home next transfer to Gilbert 
 Elder Palencia! He is going home with me! we all get to ride on the same plane to salt lake then we ead our seperate ways! he lives in Dallas TX
 .I LOVE these Elders! i have served with all but the one on my right hahaha
 But the one on the right has stupid thumbs like me! but he has 2!

This is what happens to Zone leaders! 

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