Monday, August 3, 2015

Where Did the Time Go?

  This week has definitely pushed my emotional strength to the fullest and then expanded it through the Atonement of my Savor Jesus Christ! Going home has never seemed as real to me as it has this last week. Sister Francies is such a strength to me, She has taught me so much about my relationship with God. After we took her to the ER last week Sister Winder suggested that she go and see a specialist for her migraines. I went on exchanges with her where we stayed home all day while Sister Dale got out of the house. During that time Sister Winder brought something very real and hard to the table, the possibility of going home... later that day it was concrete. She prayed a ton that day before we went to get a blessing of guidance and in that blessing it talked about aligning her will to God's, forgetting what she wanted and doing what He wanted her to do. On Thursday night we packed her up and dropped her off into the care of President and Sister Winder. That night I felt the true impact of my mission! How much I have changed and how much I NEVER want to go back to old Ashley.....I will forever be Sister Clawson in my heart! And I am proud to have that name and be able to live up to my heritage!
   Being in the YSA ward is very interesting. They did Hungry Hungry Hippos for Family Home Evening it seemed like a blast! I will have to say I've never seen a testimony meeting without any silence at the pulpit! It was just an amazing meeting with everyone testifying of Jesus Christ. The Bishop's daughter shared in Moroni 7:26 if you read it it says 'And as surely as Christ liveth' and then jump over to the next column in verse 31 'bear testimony of Him. If we know that He lives why not share it with ALL the world!' Everyone! That is what I love about being a missionary! 24/7 telling people He lives! and knows them!
  So a pretty cool thing happened! We were given a referral by a lady in the ward and it turned out to be Peggy Snell. Now this is why its sooo cool, she was in the Park Center ward for a few months and me and Sister Dale were trying to get a hold of her and she just moved into my ward! I love how God works! Soooo cool! We are working with her to get names for her family members who have passed to take her to the temple! So excited!
  I LOVE this work SO much! I don't have to wish to be a missionary my whole life I will ALWAYS be a missionary no matter what! I can't forget all my family members who still havn't come unto Christ! I love you all so much and can't wait to see ya'll in 19 days! Wow! Just did the math! CRAZY! 
Stay strong and carry on!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Sister Pahulu and bear!
We are so spoiled snow cones for free!!!! yumm! Georga Peach with Cream! yah baby!
Pictures from Sis Pahulu...

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