Thursday, May 29, 2014

...Pics from Idaho

...A sweet sister from Gilbert was visiting her family in Idaho and brought some things back with her for me from Ashley.  She had nothing but wonderful things to say about Sis Clawson! It was a wonderful visit and even better to hear that my sweet daughter is doing good things and is happy!
Among these things were a packet of pictures Ashley sent.
 Four Elders in the back of a car after zone lunch. Naughty Elders!
This is how we do comp inventory - list 5 things we love/hate about each other then put them on our foreheads apparently! Ha!
 Me and this adoreable dog!
 Sad and scared bunnies!
 This is Mia she's not in our ward but we did an Easter thing for her mom in Sis Archeleta's old area and she is just the cutest thing! She jumped into my arms when I saw her! <3
 Two districts: Our district got split up.
Stark, Bonaccorso, Anderson, John, Schrink, Morastica, Madrit, McChesney
Smith, Gummow, Me, Archuleta
My 2nd District
Stark, Anderson, Madrid (DL), McChesney, Me, Archuleta
 There are SO many flowers here! I love them all!
 We like the swings. I feel like a princess!
 Don't worry. I'm not taken this while I'm driving! Ha!
 Went to Tangos and had this Mexican Mango flavored soda. Yum!
 Laying down on the job!
 We taught a lesson about missions to the Activity Day girls and this girl has claimed me as her sister! Ha! So cute!!!
 This is our sweet little Aden. We love his so much! He said if we were younger or he was older he would date us! Ha!
We told the Matsons at dinner that this guy said we were the cutest missionaries he's ever seen and Aden said that's what he thought when he first saw us! Awe!!
He reminds me of Joey! Ha! <3
 My 1st District
Lucerro, McChesney, Bonaccorso, John (DL), Stark, Schrink, Del Nero, Gummo, me!
 Okay so there are a lot of little rivers and canals and Creeks. So this one was too "big" for Sis Archuleta to jump over when I could straddle it....Ha, it took her forever to get over. She only did it because there were Llamas on the other side! Ha!
We were taking pictures while tearing up garderns to put flowers in! We were beasts! Ha! Had to take time to take pictures!
It's a jungle! 
 My first Zone (Meridian North Zone)
Back row - Jones, McChesney, Jone, Schrink, Bodene, Stark, Popline (ZL), Wright (ZL), don't know, don't know, Ferrell, Don't know, Bonaccorso, Lucerro
Front row - Don't know, Cabrrera, Del Nero, Gummow, me Suton, Sherperdson
 Sister Archuleta likes taking pics of me driving and eating.
 This is Sister Benson my mission grandma! She is from England and has a fantastic accent and is almost 90  & her husband is 92!
 I found another toe thumb twin!
 Elder and Stark picked up Elder Madrid... This is a VERY common thing! Elders are so funny!
 My name tag
 Sister Archulta did my hair and both me and Bethany Matson's make up!

I love my mom so much and I'm going to wear the other half of the heart for my whole mission so she is ALWAYS with me! 

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