Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Weeks Worth!

Hey Ya'll! hope you've been doing good! Sorry I didn't send an update last we were just super busy and the libraries were closed on Monday. Yeah, Happy Memorial Day you don't get to email! hahahaha
            Last weeks letter:
  Well, we have THE best Ward mission leader, Gary Andrew! He is soo funny and he let us have P-day in his backyard! This guy has a volleyball net, basketball court and a tramp! It was sooo much fun! So about 2 weeks ago I hurt my thumb playing sports and the doctor said that my tendent was inflamed...So I get to wear a brace for about a month. Another brace to add to my collection!!! hahaha
  Wednesday was Kari's (our investigators) Birthday and we went over to weed her front yard and it had just stopped raining when we got there so we thought we were in the clear...till 30 mins later it was pouring! I thought AZ was bipolar! Hahha! We had a really good time doing that for her and heart attacking her door! They invited us to stay for her birthday dinner so we called the members we were suppose to eat with that night, which amazingly were their fellow-shippers in the ward, and they brought their food over too and we had a huge potluck! It was great! This ward has really stepped up in their missionary work and reaching out to people!
 Our Bishop's son Adam got his call to Lima Peru this week! He isn't even 18 yet! Hahah! He has a month till his B-day! How awesome! He had waited almost as long as I waited for my call, hahha, he was going crazy!
  We had a BBQ at the Andrews where we invited Kari and Dustin to come and meet more people! It went really good I thought! We shared a message and the Spirit was really strong. Dustin texted us that night saying that Kari had screwed everything up....we were freaken out and he wouldn't tell us! Well, it turns out that Bro Andrew was thinking of hiring Kari but Dustin thought he didn't want to cuz she kinda blew him off and didn't stop talking but that wasn't it at all. That stinker gave me  a heart attack! hahahaha
  We do a lot of service projects! We helped the Elders paint an apartment that was in someone's back yard. Apparently years ago missionaries use to live in it! Kinda awesome! She also had a horse she was breaking! It was beautiful! I wish we could ride while we were here.. oh well :)
  So we had a really critical meeting with Kari and Dustin about Marriage and the Law of Chastity. We did that over at the 1st counselor of the mission's house, President Christianson. It went really well I thought! Come to hear the next day that they were offended by it... just something they really didn't want to hear but is essential to being baptized and to live with God again!
                     This week's letter:
 We finally got to hike table rock! It's a super fun hike! It has caves up at the top that are great for taking pictures and climbing! I had soo much fun with all the zone! Elder Thatcher is from Texas and he is just a hoot! He had me take some pics of him with his camera and of coarse I took some reandom ones and some of myself and everyone else! hahha! I had got some dirt in my eye and Elder Thatcher and Elder Stapley (from AZ) were so concerned! I love Elders! I love what a mission does for someone! It changes people into respectful, responsible, disciples of God!
  So we get a certain amount of miles every month and if we go over....we just don't go over..we walk.  So we spent a whole day just walking and visiting people that way and that was our most successful day! We had found a couple of new investigators and got to talk with some less active members that we haven't been about to contact for months! The Lord really blesses us when we put our all in!
  So super funny story! We were walking and I love to wave to people in their cars as they pass by so I did and we ended up following them down their street. It was just the way we were going to go. Hahaha! He asks us if we are casing the neighborhood!!!!! Hahaha! So we explained we were missionaries and we shared a message with him while he was smoking in his car!!!! hHahaha! He said that we might see him at church on Sunday!!!! (which we didn't)
  So there is this part member family; shes in the young womens presidency and hes not a member and we didn't know this! No one had told me this for almost 4 months now!! It was really funny we even had dinner with them! Crazy huh?!
  The Andersons! They are a fantastic family! They've been married 2 years now she has an 8 year old Hunter whom I just absolutely adore! We threw the ball around a bit now and then! It is just soo much fun! He's leaving tomorrow for his dad's house and I won't ever see him again, most likely! They are definatly a family I will come back to visit! Love them soo much! While we were doing Family Home Evening he interrupted and said that he feels like he should bear his testimony! It melted my heart! He gave his very first testimony and it was so simple yet strong!!!
  I love being a missionary! Even if I don't get to teach many nonmembers and watch them get baptized I get to see members like Hunter grow in their Faith in God and get to be a part of their love for the Gospel! I know that this is the true Church that was established when Christ was on the earth and was restored by Josph Smith ONLY by the power of God! I love you all and I Know the gospel with bless and does bless each and everyone of your lifes!
Be safe and have a great week!!!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
PS Go look at my blog to see pictures.  I am really bad with technology so I just send them home to my mom!  Hahaha
 LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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