Saturday, June 21, 2014

....More Pics from Ashley!!!

...We received another package from Ashley with a boat load a pictures! Here they are!!!
This is the Capital Building.
 The House of Representatives
Watch out World (Idaho)
Sister Clawson is in the Big Chair! Ha!
 We had such a grand adventure at the Capital!
 One of our investigators, Josh, has a snake. We LOVE it!
 Sister Archuleta's first time tying a quilt! She did really good. I learned a new knot called the "Mormon" knot, funny the new things you learn! :)
Sister Archuleta is my follow-up trainer so in mission talk she is my step-mom but I like her the most so she is my mission "mom" Ha!
A lot of fun! Ha!
I do love our Elders &think they are FANTASTIC!
I had fun playing with chalk!
So a brother in our ward had a sweet sister who was in town from Gilbert. We had talked about AZ and the dedication, etc....
She took a package home for me and chatted with my mom for a bit.
She asked my mom what my favorite dessert was - so she told her and passed that info on to her Brother. When they had us over for dinner they said dessert would be a surprise for me.
 They had me close my eyes and said it was from my mom! The biggest cream puff EVER! Loved it!  Wasn't as good as Ma's of course but I loved it none the less.
Felt so much closer to Ma!
 My whole MTC district reunited at Zone Conference
Cabrera, Facer, Smith, Me, McChesney
 This is at Graffiti Alley, Sis Smith is kissing a baby unicorn, I don't understand. Ha!
 These are wooden sunglasses, the new "thing" here in Idaho. The store is called Proof And I found ones I like but they're way too much. Ha!! I'm Cheap! :) Thanks Dad <3
 I have SO much fun taking pictures!
 We heart attacked Kari, our investigator's door!
 My 2nd district for the last time
Stark, McChesney, Anderson, Me , Archuleta, Madrid
Yes, us missionaries are so mature! Ha! <3
Stark and Archuleta
Elder Stark's last good bye. He is the only one leaving the area. He has been here 6 months, his whole mission so far! Crazy! We will miss him.
 Hiking Table Rock! We are almost to the top! There were exhausted!
Smith, Archuleta, Manes
Elders told me it was my turn to Rock climb. Elder Gunnel likes stealing the spotlight, good thing I like sharing :)
There are caves at the top of Table Rock. Me and the Elders climbed in it. I took pics! Love these men!
Stapley, Madrid, Hughes, Gunnel, Thatcher, Scott. They are such SWEETHEARTS   <3
WOOT! We made it to the top!
Elder Stapley & me at the top. He's from Mesa!
I LOVE this chick! (Sister Smith)
Our zone. I'll try to get a better one where Elder Anderson isn't sneezing! Ha!
 The Elders gave us their suits to have Bro Matson dry clean them. We had too much fun! I fit Elder Madrid's & Elder Anderson's suit swallowed Sis Archuleta whole! Ha!
 The Anderson Family!
 This is my little BFF Hunter! I LOVE this kid. He is the SWEETEST! I want my sons to be like him some day!
 We had the best week EVER! We went over our goals big time. The Lord helps those who help! We were blessed!
 Me & Sister Archie in the car.
 Cute little strawberries grow here!
 He He He
Love you Ma!
 After we got caught in the rain pulling Kari's weeds :) So much fun! Can I just say  RAIN ROCKS!

 Love my new hat! Since I burn so easily Pres. said I could wear it for doing service! :) Happy Days!

 Me & Sis Hughes during exchanges. She was my STL (Sister Training Leader)
 Where did my body go?
 This machine can spell my name! It's a reading robot!
Me & Sister Smith built an ark. At the Discovery Center :)
 We walked ALL day! Don't know how them Elders do it!
This is Rita, a less active member who is a practicing Buddhist. WE helped weed her yard, We are eating a chive :)
I ate a purple flower! He He!
 My attempt at curling my hair with a straightener.
These  cuties ar the Martinez kids! LOVE 'EM
 What can I say? I was bored :)
You gotta love me!
Cute little Bicandy girl! Her voice sounds like a mouse!

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