Monday, June 16, 2014

Four months!!!!

I can't believe its already been 4 months!!! Time has flown by so fast!! I love it tho!! Hope you all are doing great! Not much happened this week. I did get to use my sewing skills a lot while on my mission! I really enjoy it but man do I miss my surger hahaha. Happy Fathers Day to all those fantastic fathers out there!! And happy birthday to my awesome brother Joey. I am so proud of him!!! I promise I will have more next week. This week has pushed me to figure out what I am made of and what type of missionary I really do want to be. I love this work! And have seen my testimony grow so much! I am doing great here in Idaho!  I love you all!
  Mama Matson!!! I had tried to make a walrus on my door and this is what happens! hahaha
 We went to the discovery center last Monday and my head is the only thing that was on the weather screen! We have  a ton of fun!!!

 This dog is huge!! His name is bear! Reminds me of Grandma Clawson's dog!
  One of the girls in our ward just joining color guard and she let me throw her rifle!!! I'm not to bad hahha
 We are standing on a pool! It has a covering that makes it feel like a water bed ha!
 We played racketball this morning and the ball hit me in the face good thing I was wearing glasses!!! My nose went numb hahaha

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