Monday, June 9, 2014


So I absolutely love seeing missionaries come home! They are still so filled with the Spirit it's amazing!!! Chase Rowley just got home and I absolutely LOVE his family!! He gave such an amazing talk! His dad had died while he was out on his mission and had the opportunity to come home for a week and say bye to his dad. That experience could have dragged him under and into depression but it didn't! He became so strong!! I am so thankful that we can live with our family after this world! How sad would that be to not be able to see them ever again?!
  Zone meeting was AMAZING this month!!! Our Zone leaders were talking about our power and authority as missionaries and what our name tag means to us! Elder Poplin came around and "released" us as missionaries! It was the hardest thing! He shook our hands and said thank you for serving an honorable full time mission you can take off your name tag now, you won't need it any more.....The Spirit in that room was soo strong! Such an emotional experience. Thinking that we we're done when we hadn't finished all that we thought we could do! I have been so scared of change but now thinking about everything we talked about I DONT want to be the same person I was before my mission. I WONT  be the same person!!! I have learned so much on my mission and I am dedicated to changing not only the lives of the people around me but mine as well!!! I will not and I cannot return home the same person! So I challeng all the RM's that are reading this to take your name tag from your mission if you were an Elder and put it on the inside of your church jacket coat thing to remind you that sharing the Gospel did NOT end when the stake president released you, you are NEVER done! Once a missionary ALWAYS a missionary! I love you all and think and pray about you! As we would say at Mesa High , Stay Strong and Carry On!!!

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