Monday, May 5, 2014

What a week!

This week has gone by so flippin slow!!!! hahaha So can I just say that tracting if super awesome!!! I love it!!! We talked with this really sweet lady Colleen. We shared a message with her and talked about the family history center. She seemed super interested in it, which is really exciting! So we are going to go back this week to see her and see if she wants to go there with us!
 We have this less active who has been through a really bad divorce, starting with his wife cheating on him with his best friend, who was the reason he is a member of the church. How sad.... he has three little boys  that are adorable!!! His heart is very hard towards God and it's really sad. He thinks he's a lost cause when it comes to going back to church and regaining that faith that he once had. All because of a choice that someone he really loved chose. It made me really think about the choices I have made and how they would effect people and strive now to make the choices that will help people on their path through this life back to our Heavenly Father. So me an Sister Archuleta are working on softening his heart with our testimonies and teaching him that God really does love him. We were talking about agency with him and he brought up the Choose Your Own Adventure books and compared that to life! I have NEVER thought of it that way before!!! But it is SO true!!!! With every choice we make there are different outcomes! And we have to realize that God has given us our agency and everything that happens is because of a choice we or someone else has made in our lifes!
 What is really funny is that we have a lady that missionaries have been seeing since December and she has told us that she doesn't want to take the lessons because her friend said they were we invited Bishop over to meet her and she started asking him questions that she has never asked us about the Gospel! I think she felt more comfortable because he was older then her...idk but we ended up teaching her the Plan of Salvation, which is one of the lessons we teach and so she has FINALLY become a new investigator!!!!!! She is so stubborn I love her!!!
 Ok so the best little Argentine restaurant is located within 20 mins of where we are! Sister Bremmer owns it and she took me and Sister Archuleta to it. It's called Tangos! They have delicious Empanadas!!!! I know Kaylie would enjoy that! hahaha. Definitely a place I will have to come when my mission is over ha!
 We met this guy Roy while tracting a couple weeks ago and we went to see him and got to see his kids. He is also going through a divorce but this one is definitely smoother than the other one and we told him that we were there for him even though we are only 20 year old girls, that we did care about him. So we had a lesson with him a couple days after about the Restoration and he already knew a lot and had many quesitons for us. We taught it on the doorstep because the kids were sleeping but the Spirit was still there and supper srong! I love this work! He agrees to come to church not next sunday but the following one. I am so excited to be able to teach him more and help him learn!
 The stake had a roadshow this Wednesday and we as missionaries in the stake sang a medly of primary missionary songs! It was great! Everyone loved it and many members said that they could feel the Spirit! :) We were pacticing right before we went on in a small little rooom with 14 missionaries! That room was exploding with how strong the Spirit was present! I will never forget the way the sound of worthy preisthood holder's voices lightly topped with Sisters voices echoing off those four walls!
  So there is this super cute kids Aiden from the ward that the Matsons live in that came over and had dinner with us! It was a blast!!! We told the Matsons about how we were tracting and this guy answered the door and said, "I have never seen such beautiful missionaries before!" After we told them Aden said "That's what I thought when I first met you!!!" What a sweetie! And that if we were younger or he was older he would totally marry us!!! hahahaha love that kid!!! He reminds me of Joey!!!
Oh so are you ready for the exciting news?! I have yet another cavity.....I guess I had chipped my tooth on something and a cavity worked its way in! Oh and I can almost fit my retainers again! OUCH! My teeth hurt so bad! ha!
 I think people have just realized how strange I am! hahah I love it though! I love being Sister Ashley Clawson and wouldn't give it up for anything! Well i love you all and the church is true so nothing else matters!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson!
PS. Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there!!!

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