Friday, February 27, 2015

...Letter From the Ward Mission Leader of the Parkcenter ward

Hello wonderful Clawson family!
I am the ward mission leader in the Parkcenter ward where sister Clawson and sister Schulte are serving faithfully. They are both wonderful and hard workers and kind and caring. We are so grateful to have them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

This week their preparation day is moving to Friday so they can go to the temple that day. So she won't be able to write to you until then.

We have a son in Ohio and I know it is no fun when an email doesn't show up, but have no fear, Friday will get here.

All is well. Thank you again.

Dave Woodland  ~ 208.409.2288
La Clave es el Amor  ~  The Key is Love
Ashley did get on for a short period but did not send a group letter and will get a big one out on Monday and sends her love!

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