Monday, February 2, 2015

Park Center and Liberty wards!

To start off my life, if you would say in this area, we went to one of the coolest missionary families that I have met! The Tolmans are awesome! Their son, who is only 8 or 9, is already a great member missionary! He asks all his friends basically to come to church and the daughter has a cute squeaky voice who holds onto your legs so you won't leave! hahahaha She's the type that makes you feel sooo special! It was such a blast at their house, for sure!!! Then we met the Ward Mission Leader in the Liberty ward, Brother Ball and his wife! Super sweet, funny people! She's a little blond but I love it!!! hahaha
     Tuesday was a very relaxing day of contacting and tracting or what Sister Shulte would say Spirit Finding! hahaha I really like living in an apartment I would have to say cuz I finally get to take lunch naps!!! yay!!!!! and boy did I need it! Sister Delahoyde and Schute made a pinwood derby car, so that night we raced it! It had pink sparkles on the sides, from Sister D of coarse! hahaha The car did pretty well. It got 8th out of 20! cool huh?! The Tolmans helped them with that one! I love being new in a ward cuz it gives me more confidence and frankly and excuse to go up to people and ask them their name and get to know them hahahhahaha! We didn't actually get to see the car race because we were in a lesson with Carl. He is about 64ish and has had a really hard life but loves the church and loves how he feels during the lessons! The Sisters have already taught him everything but we decided to see what he remembered about Joseph Smith. So we watched the Restoration Video and it seemed like he understood a lot more! So we are going to teach the lessons all over again but with visuals to help him. Then we met the Ward mission Leader in the Park Center Ward, Brother Woodland. At first things were kinda weird but then he got to know me a bit better. These wards haven't really trusted missionaries for a while, when the Elders were here, so we are starting to build up that trust again! I finally know what it is like to walk is Sister Delahoydes shoes! hahaha Everyone loves her BUT they haven't gotten to know me yet! hahaha
    Wednesday we contacted more people, or at least tried! hahaha We were able to meet this super sweet girl that is 20 and married and is on her 3rd year of school.......I just have to remember my life will be so much better because of my mission..... hahaha She is less active and her husband isn't a member and she says that we can come by again and talk so we will and see where she stands on the church.
  Thursday was the BOMB!!!!! We saw 3 investigators and it went soooo well!!!! First was Neiva and Ishmael, they are such a cute little family and the Lord has been preparing them for this time for such a long time! We talked about forever families and temples and asked them if that is what they want for their family. They said they would and that they would have to talk about it so we left the Family Proclamation with them and invited them to keep reading from the Book of Mormon and go to the temple grounds some time and re-read the Proclamation. Next was Alex! She is only 19 and is going to school for event planning, wanting to be a wedding planner sooooo of coarse we talked for a bit about that! hahahaha Couldn't help myself but it was a great bonding time! Her sister is getting baptized on the 21 in Texas and that is how she became interested So we taught her the Restoration and she had some good questions and seemed really sincere about it. She said she would start reading the Book of Mormon and pray about Joseph Smith and about baptism! Last but not least Savannah! Her story is interesting. Her husband had called the bishop to see if he could help get them a bed I don't know where he thought of that but cool! hahha and then she came to a Relief Society activity and loved it and that's where the sisters met her. We went over and talked to her about the church and herself for a bit and taught the Restoration and really helped her understand it! She seems super sincere, which is great! Funny thing is that her friend Josh that lives there too came in and straight up asked her if she was thinking about becoming Mormon and she said that she was looking into it and has liked what she has learned so far. It was awesome to know exactly how she felt about it then he told her that he has read the Book of Mormon two times and if any book or religion is closer to God, it's the Mormons! Blew my mind! It was a very neat experience and then he came back and told her to think about this (we were talking about prophets and the priesthood) -what other religion or any line in history has had that many righteous people in order and then what cracked me up he said that's why I have to stay away from them! hahahaha I guess the prophets are too righteous for him hahahahah! He is just a hoot! For Dinner, we met with this very sweet lady, Sister Gibbons, who is dating a non-member and she doesn't know what to do to help him come unto Christ. He has had missionaries over to talk to him, talked with the bishop, wants to feed the missionaries, and they are talking marriage but she wants the temple and she wanted some advice. We told her to simply write her testimony down and give it to him so he knows exactly what she believes and wants if she can't do it in person. She's a real sweetheart! and Debbie Farr would be so proud of me! I found a way that she could fix her daughters bouquet from her wedding so it will dry better and look really nice! hahaha
    District meeting was pretty good we have a very interesting District leader that's for sure.... this will be a fun time! hahaha So Elder Mayer is one of our Zone leaders and he had also served in the Cloverdale ward! How cool!!! So we talked about that ward for a while it was really nice! So Ma! Remember when you went to a Relief Society thing and a Brother Clawson gave you a card to give to me about his brother?! So when I had dropped Sister Delahoyde off in this area we found a letter in the Area book for Don Clawson and I thought that sounded familiar but I just blew it off. This whole year I have had that note from Brother Clawson on my mind and I was too nervous of scared or something but I never called him. But lo and behold heavenly Father really wants me to go see Don! He is in the Liberty ward!!!! How crazy huh?! That he would send me first to Idaho then have Bro Clawson give you that note to give to me, then to send me to this area to meet him! I'm kinda nervous to go see him but we will hopefully get to see him this week! Pray for me!
  One last thing because I'm running out of time and I promise I will send pictures next week! When we were at the transfer meeting Elder Chapman told me about a lesson that we would be giving on Saturday for a guy named Rick. Let me just tell you that lesson was phenomenal! He is sooo ready! He loves the Lord and recognizes that this is where the Lord has directed him to and wants him to be so look this up and you can meet Rick! hahaha  Go onto and go to the archives and look under the Dec 2, 2013 and find dog causes motorcycle collision Wallace VS. Gibson! It's great! Tell me what ya'll think of it! Well, I love you so very much and wish the best for all ya'll this week!!!! 
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Derby car with Sis Schulte

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