Monday, June 15, 2015

16 months!!!

This week was pretty awesome like most! hahaha So I am known as "the Claw" in our zone now! We play ultimate football a lot and I've always been pretty proud (in a good way) of my throwing abilities! I made a couple catches to win the game! I LOVE football! One of the funniest things is when missionaries get together and you can see who they really are past the name tag! I have made some of the greatest friends out here on the mission!
   It was bout 8:30pm and we were driving down Rossi going to see Sister Stidmon and we see Mark Aims sitting out on his porch smoking and has a can of something (turned out to be beer) sitting right next to him. We were pretty sure it was him but hadn't met him yet so we go to Sister Stidmons to set up an appointment but instead talk for a bit and turns out that she is going to go to church with a friend up in Garden Valley this week! Such a step for her! She's coming back! The whole time I was praying that Mark would still be outside and when we parked the car he was still sitting right where we saw him! It was pretty awkward at first he said that he was  very embraced and then proceeded to put down the cig and tell us about his mission to Italy! Things like this turn out to be very good experiences for people to help them realize that what they are doing is wrong and they know it and help them rekindle their faith! He committed to start reading from the Book of Mormon again! 
 We had a great lesson with Neiva and Isemale about having faith to get out of their comfort zone and try what we have been teaching them. It's from one of the articles in the Ensign for this month titled Faith to leave the harbor, go read it is great! They came to church for all 3 hours and really enjoyed it! Things are starting to move forward with them! It's quite exciting!
  I'm running out of time so I will catch ya'll up next week! love you all soo much!  --
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

Just for you David! Picture time!
 Double rainbow! And all of the colors so bright and vivid!
 We moved last week! By old house!
  My trunky papers! Can't believe its almost here!

 We do bingo every week! It's always fun getting to know these folks!

 Our little room! We use to have bunk beds but I couldn't deal with hitting my head on the ceiling every morning so we changed it. Not a lot of room to move around but it fits its purpose!

  When it was a bunk bed!
 It was Bob's birthday and we did paint the town! I'll explain more next week! Love this man! There is no one quite like Bob!
 Yes, I got more on me then I did the house!


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