Monday, June 1, 2015

3rd 6 month area!!!

  I think I might just have set a record! hahaha nah! So me and Sister Dale are staying together this transfer! We are super excited! There are soo many Less Active members that we are working with who are changing and coming back to church again! Sister Pecora has come twice now after not coming for the past 20 years! AND she has a desire to read the Book of Mormon! Its AMAZING!!  The change I have been blessed to see in her! Linda also came to church again this week! It is the most exciting thing when people come to church that have never been to church or haven't been in a long time!  We received some referrals this week for Less Active members that we didn't know lived in our ward boundary's and one that just moved in! Holly has lived by BSU for about 6 months now and she's been up and down with religion and guys. She was baptized back in 2001 but hasn't been coming for about 15 months, and her daughter is about 15 months...get the picture? I wish the culture of the church was different. If people make a mistake, which face it! We ALL do, we should be there to support them and love them through their trials, not make them outcasts! Now off of my soap box which I'm sure I'll jump back on in a bit! hahaha The other family who just moved in is the Larrson family. They are from Utah and they have moved here for a change and to start going back to church! He is a convert and she has been a member her whole life, just has gone down some undesirable paths. But the fact in it all is that they are making the change they sought out help and guidance!
  We were able to do some good old hard work this week! I mowed the Andersons yard and then we raked all the leaves that were pretty solidly compressed on the ground because of the early snow fall this year! It was good to work hard again! Its been a while! Sister Dale told Brother Anderson who was worried that I would hurt myself "She's tougher then she looks!" hahaha 
  I love watching people grow and being able to help them build their faith on Jesus Christ! I have such a testimony about becoming like a little child, meek, submissive, humble...we are teaching an 8 year old whose parents aren't active whatsoever and she is so excited to be baptized and really wants to go to church and so does her brother. Next year he is able to get the Priesthood and go do  baptisms for the dead and pass the sacrament but his parents wont take them to church so they can grow...This kiddo know what is right because the world isn't a distraction to them yet! I know its easier to say that i wont let the world be a distraction for me out here on my mission and I know it will be a challenge when i get home but i hope and pray that i can keep my eye single to the Lords and that i can focus on what really matters in this world! Yes its great to have things that can help us  in this life like a car a house money food and even fun things that we can enjoy as a family but if the gospel is not our strong center in the gospel then all of those other things really don't matter! 
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

 I think Debbie Farr would be so proud of my beautiful arranging skills! hahah only if the flowers weren't almost dead!
This was one of the most alive flowers and it fell off so I wore it in my ear for the rest of the day! hahaha
  We got Beenie Babies from Sister Pecora!!! 

 She thinks she is Sister Clawson now! hahaha

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