Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I LOVE Giving Talks now!!! Who woulda Thunk?

  So yes! I do like giving talks now! Me and Sister Dale both gave a talk on Sunday and we had 4 investigators there! It went sooo well!!!!! They all seemed to get quite a bit out of what the Spirit confirmed to them!
    Joey would be soo proud of me! The Elders convinced me to play basketball with them and I made a 3 point shot!!!! Don't know where that one came from but it happened! Watch out, Joey! I might just be getting better then you! hahah I love being able to relax and play some sports with the missionaries here on P-days! Yesterday was super funny! We went on two bike rides about 10 miles each and the went ice skating as a district because it was one of the sisters last P-day. Turns out she can't ice skate....ha! I was in charge of helping her out! I followed her around once, holding her belt loop because if I didn't she fell! hahah and she had one of those little kid helps that you hold onto to teach you how to skate! haha It was a great day! 
 As I'm sure ya'll know by now that I got on the blue turf of the BSU football field! It was great! It looked like all the gates were locked then Sister Vranes calls to us and tells us to walk fast! hahaha! Maybe I'll be able to march on the blue! ;)! 
  There is this new website JustServe.org and we are the first group of missionaries in the Idaho Boise Mission to start using this site for service oportunities. We went and cleaned out an Assistant living house garage! it was a really good thing that I was there or NOTHING would have gotten done! hahaha We were sweeping up the floor after we moved everything out and I had noticed a couple of mouse traps but the elder helping me sweep didn't know what it was so he picked it up.  He asked me what it was then turned it slightly and I saw a tail and told him. He dropped it and freaked!!! hahahaha so gross yet soo funny!!! I love being able to get my hands dirty and help people out! 
 Speaking of getting my hands dirty, Ma knows that ! LOVE to paint! and I LOVE even more to get paint everywhere! I have quite a knack at that! We got to help paint the outside of the Meredeths house! It was super fun! We got down 30 mins before it poured! Thankfully, the wind blew before the rain and dryed all the paint!  
  We were able to take Rick to the temple to do a lesson on the grounds and take him into the waiting room to feel the spirit! It was really cool! He pulled us aside before we started talking and asked us if we could feel the spirit! He said that he's been coming to the grounds just to pray for about 5 years now! How cool huh?! Plus! There were 3 couples who just got sealed and I got to see wedding dresses! That's always a pluss! I know ma!!! hahahahahaha 
 Trasfers are this week and I have NO idea what is going to happen since I only have 2 transfers left....12 weeks.... I love my mission and the people that I have been able to help and those that have helped and strengthened my testimony! Boise, Idaho will always be my home away from home! But one thing i have learned on my mission is that my home is where my family is, NO matter where that is! I have such a strong testimony about the Plan of Salvation! Every time i teach it I think of how much  I want my family to be together forever, even Joey, and it brings such warm feelings to my heart that words just can not explain! I love you all so much and pray for you!!!! Stay strong and carry on!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
 We got caught in the rain while we were biking!

This is my friend mr squirl! I don't know how to spell it tho.....

 Even tho these are Westwood colors, I love them when they are BSU colors!!!! hahaha 

  Look who beat the wildcats!!!!! thats what im talken about!

  It decided to pour and hail out of no where for about 40 mins while we were planing for our week...yah we didnt get much done for that 40 mins! hahaha

 Painting the house!

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