Monday, May 4, 2015

1 Corinthians 9:16

My district at the temple!
Look its Arizona!!!!! home sweet home!
Yup, these are our funny faces
 Me and my little Brooklyn I promise that she does smile! hahaha shes the one that reminds me of Macky May!
 Hears the family who are ALL members now and are progressing to further blessings!
Look who I got to see!!! Peggy, Spencer and their son Richard whom I have never met and his wife and my 3 month old new baby boy cousin! It was a sweet experience to meet them and connect my family together even more!
So Sister Dale decided that this dog is wearing WAY too much eye liner! Man, were we tired that day!!!!
This, my friends, is the "crazy lady at Walmart" that is what she has named herself. It's Sister Hatcher from my last ward and I have never seen her at Walmart before now! hahahaha

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