Thursday, April 30, 2015

Training! Funeral! 2 baptisms! = TIRED!!!!!

 This week has been THE longest week of my life!!!!! Picked up Sister Dale who is from Mesa AZ too but went to Westwood.... (ha!) then went straight to Mauren's viewing  and had a very long day! Poor girl was so tired and we didn't even get home till 9:30! She fell asleep SO fast! hahaha!  So Sister Dale's first full day in the mission field was at Mauren's funeral where me and Sister Schulte Sang Vanid A Mi, which is Come Follow Me in Spanish, a song we sang to her right before she passed. It was a beautiful funeral! We did get some pictures with her casket but I can't figure how to send them home...blond problems! So this week it must either be cuz I'm super tired or I'm just REALLY blond but man have I been on one!
(Looks like she is not as blond as she thinks! LOL)

 We were able to see a lot of people this last week and share some amazing messages with them! We were driving to see and investigator who is atheist and right before we passed by Mary's house I had a strong feeling to go see her instead. So we did and we just started her reading the Book of Mormon and it really helped her! 2 verses in chapter 1 of 1st Nephi really stood out to her. Reading verses 12 and 20 and MAN was the spirit so strong, testifying these things to her! I have gained such a love for the Book of Mormon and the many different ways you can study it!
  So our big black investigator Drake received an offer to be a councilor on the military base in Okinawa, Japan and if he accepts it he will leave in June! He's sooo close to being baptized! He has committed to pray about it this week!
   Cynthia Narkin was baptized at 10:30 Saturday morning! So I have learned from my 14 months of being a missionary is that with convert baptisms there is ALWAYS going to be something that goes's my list for her baptism: this church house did not have her size of jumpsuit, the other sisters that go to this building didn't plug the drain all the way, the man doing the baptism was 30 mins late, and Sister Schulte, who was suppose to give the Holy Ghost talk, who is now in Star, Idaho lost her voice. BUT even though ALL that happened I remained calm, I know weird, Ma, right?!, And I called the elders to bring the right size. I had the man that was confirming her give the Holy Ghost talk, which was beautifully done and we just postponed till the other man got there! Then we had lunch (a bowl of ice cream) and booked it over to the mission office where Rick was getting baptized! Thankfully NOTHING went wrong for his! During the part when after the person gets baptized and is changing me and Sister Dale, for both of the baptisms, taught the restoration to the congregation, something President Winder has asked us to do. It went really well!
  Sorry this isn't super long or detailed but I'm falling asleep as I type.... the life of a missionary! It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I love you all and hope you enjoy these pictures! As my uncle David says pictures are worth a thousand words and I'm not about to type a thousand words! hahahaha!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Our awesome Assistants to the President! aka APS!

New companion! Sister Fiefia, Sister Rios, ME, Sister Dale!
Got my pre trunks........ I almost cried!

This is what pre trunks are and what they look like.
  The beautiful Cynthia! and her mom Danielle!

Beautiful huh?! This is what  you get when you put us back together again
 This is Rick and his friend Dennis and Vicki! Dennis is the tall one! haha

Not sure if you can read this but it says Sister Sassy. That's what Vicki calls me! hahaha
 This is the wall that we made- marked my height and labeled it Sister Sassy! So Vicki had height marks and names of all the missionaries that came through her house all the way back from 2000! Then a couple of months ago she painted over it so I convinced her to start it again! Her daughter Mckenzie was SOOOO happy!!!!
So FUUNNY story! Somehow I hurt my shoulder - not surprising at all so we went to Albertsons to get some corn syrup to make a homemade ice pack and a sister in our ward was there too and told us about the deal they were having that if you buy three things of oreos then you would get a free gallon of milk.. Sister Dale couldn't resist and now I can't resist cuz they are in our house taunting me!!!! Self control is so lost on me! Shoot, I had cake for breakfast the other day! That doesn't surprise me either!

THREE packs of Oreos!!!!!!

The trees here are so beautiful!
Sister Dale and I!

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