Monday, April 13, 2015

14 Months!!!!!! Carls' baptism!!!!!!

  This week was much like last week! But only better! hahaha To start off the week we went with the Tolmans and most of our district to the Boise Depot. It's retired so no trains stop there but we were able to tour around it and go up into the bell tower and get some great pictures of downtown Boise and a train came past so that made for a great picture too!!! I'll send more next week, got to grab a cool picture from Elder Graves! Then we went Bowling and here is where Elder Graves comes in again...So little Lindsey came bowling with us and her brother Callen for their first time and little miss has a huge crush on Elder Graves its soooo cute! She's only like 5! hahaha but we got a picture of them at the end of bowling and she grabes Elder Graves hand and he turns bright red!!!!! It was the cutest thing ever!!!! He's such a great guy and went right along with it! Me and Elder Blackburn both bowled 114! It was hilarious because we were both giving each other so much crap and then we get the same score! What are the odds! We found 2 new investigators that night as well! They are both super awesome! Kara just had a divorce and is really looking for something stable in her life right now and she straight up asked us what our beliefs were and accepted the lessons! So we are both super excited to see where that goes and how much we can help her come closer to her Savior! Her daughter Irelyn is super sweet, not sure if she's really interested becuse she does go with her dad to church and she likes it there. 
   We took our car in for an oil change and tire rotation and the auto place was in the mall so the guy that took our car said he would call us and showed us where the entrance to the mall was...we aren't alowed to just go to the mall so we took advantage of the time and found a nice sunny spot and read for a good 2 hours! It was soooo nice! Yes, I'm sure ya'll are wondering who is this person and what have they done with Ashley! hahaha but I LOVE reading the Book of Mormon now! All I want to do sometimes is just read and read and do nothing else! hehe! So I love finding connections here in Boise! A sister that was in the MTC with me that went to California has an aunt in my ward and she showed me a pick of her because I didn't recognize her name and then I showed her a picture of her niece and shared with her how much fun we had in the MTC together! hahah what a small world we have!!!!

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