Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!

 I gota say that this week was super hard because of the anticipation of seeing my family!!! AND it was SOOOO worth the wait! I love them soooo much and it was definitely that pick me up that I needed!
 On Monday, we had a super fun time doing sports with the Zone! We were playing ultimate football and Sister Dale went to block me but couldn't stop so she ran straight into me and I had no chance I fell straight on my butt!! It was the FUNNIET thing ever! hahhaa only like a couple weeks into being companions and she is already tackling me!!! hahaha Then Sister Pahuloo ,a big Tongan Sister who is HALARIOUS, was trying to protect herself from Sister Dale and was telling her that they were on the same team and not to tackle her! hahaha much too funny! We went on a huge bike ride that night with Bruno and man along side the Boise river, there is a bike/walking trail that is called the green belt! It is so beautiful! Something I want to ride completely when I come back to visit!
 One thing I have learned on my mission is when it's not someone's time to accept the Gospel, it's just not their time...We have a very nice family that we see cuz they wanted some questions answered and at first, they were very nice, then it turned into a bash the Mormons and make the New Sister's really hard because his daughter was promised in a blessing that her dad would join the church...hopefully, one day his heart will be softened...but that time is not now. During times like these I have to remind myself that EVERYONE is a child son or daughter of God!
   Exchanges=Miracles! We switched companions for the day and I got to be with Sister Maness!!! She is stinken awesome! We have served in the same district before but never together! Well that morning Tre emails/texts us and says that he wants to meet! So we plan it for that morning at 11 am! Some scary stuff happened at his place last week so we took him to the institute building and talked about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Sacrament! Then he brought up something that made me sooo happy! He said that as soon as he has completely stopped smoking he said he will pray about a date to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!! We also received a referral that is super interested! His boss is LDS and they were already planning on inviting missionaries over..hence the referral! haha
  We had Zone meeting this week and we talked about how to introduce the Book of Mormon to people better by actually emphasizing the fact that it is another estimate of Jesus Christ! Something that a lot of people leave out for some reason! Something super cool is that the first time the Book of Mormon mentions Christ by this name is in 2 Nephi chapter 10! just a fun fact :) I started the Book of Mormon over again about a month ago and have been marking every time it refers to Christ and says his name and all and man my eyes have been open to how much it talks about Christ! I always knew that it was about Christ and His teachings but I never realized that it is ALL about Him!
  I love when dogs escape out of their house and don't listen to their owners....we chased the dog down and finally caught her and I was all muddy, which was perfectly fine with me. I didn't care but the member did and instead of telling us to come back, which he was about to do before the dog darted out of the house, he had us come in and we were able to talk with his wife! She is a member and we have been trying to get her to read the Book of Mormon and she told us she hasn't started yet but her desire is there she just has to sit down and do it now! haha When we were talking about her desire that she has she started to tear up and said its all because of me! She said that for some reason I was sent here to help her come back to the church and she doesn't know what she is going to do when I leave! It was such a sweet tender mercy from the Lord showing me that I am doing what He has sent me here to do and that I am touching peoples lives! She wants me to come back next summer and go float down the river with her since she has never gone! I love being a missionary!!!!
  Speaking of people coming back to the church we got to see Mike and get to know her a bit more! I think she wants to set me up with her son too! At first it was flattering when people would say that but now...not so much! haha
 Mothers day was great! Loved the primary children's songs and yes, I teared up and I had the funniest conversation with the kids that were sitting behind me. They are super rambunctious and this is how it went when their mom had to take their youngest brother out:
  me:  Do you think you can pretend that your bottom is glued to the seat? 
  boys: no
  boys: Do you think you can pretend your eyes are glued to the speaker?
  me: can you?
  Boys: no
  me: then no and shh!
  Boys: you can't make me shush, no one can!
  me: you want to bet? I can just come sit next to you ;)
  boys: never!!!!
hahaha, This boy has attitude but he's a sweetheart! I love little kids!!!!
  I got some super cool news during my Skype time! Justin, my friend from high school got baptized and invited me to come!!!! It was the coolest news ever! As I was thinking about that this morning I was looking back at my life and realized that I have had many missionary opportunities in the past but have never done anything about them or really realized it! I love what the Gospel can do for peoples lives! I have seen it first had transform peoples lives in ways they never expected!!! I know that Jesus Christ is MY Savior and he died for MY sins! I know I can't ever do anything that will repay what He has done for me but I will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to let Him know that I fully appreciate, even though I still don't fully understand everything that He has done for me! I love you all and pray for you! Stay strong and Safe and carry on!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

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