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...Mother's Day Letters from the Summerset Ward

My mother's day gift were these buaitiful letters from members of the Apr 27, 2015
Brother and Sister Clawson,
We are so grateful for your daughter serving here in Boise, Idaho. We wish she was still in the Summerset Ward, She is a beautiful girl with a bright testimony and an enthusiasm for life. She touched many lives while serving here and we are thankful to have felt of her light and love for the Savior. I have heard her testimony many times and especially was touched as she spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost at a baptism. I appreciated having Sister Clawson over to eat dinner and share lessons with my family in our home. She is so patient and would figure out a way to gear the lessons to my kids' level even when they are being very rambunctious. :) She is going to be such a good wife and mother someday. I also admire Sister Clawson's ability to reach the youth. She's always willing to love and invite and smile. We made a video for the your of all of us leaders and we wanted to involve the missionaries. I wasn't quite sure how to coordinate with all of the missionaries in our stake, so I called Sister Clawson and she set everything up and had the missionaries come in different groups to be filmed. She's someone you know you can rely on and will get a job done. The video turned out to be a lot of fun. Maybe I can get you a cop somehow.

We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing our daughter with us!
Becca (and Skye) Root

Apr 29, 2015
Dear Bro. and Sis Clawson,

We enjoyed having your daughter serve in our ward very much. She was always enthusiastic and cheerful. She loved her work and made things happen! She was attentive to the needs of our less active members and was vocal in making sure those needs were met. As a result, several families and individuals have become more involved and committed in the gospel.

We love having the missionaries to dinner, especially because our children are grown and we love interacting with younger people! She was always appreciative of our efforts and interested in our lives. Such a great talent! We did take her and her companion to an Ethiopian restaurant one night for dinner. Since we didn't feel well the next day, we are afraid that they didn't either. But they wouldn't admit it. Which just shows how lovely Sis Clawson (and her companion) are.

We missed her when she transferred, but we are sure thta she will do great work wherever she is sent on her mission - and in the future, as well.

Thanks for sharing her with us.

Ann and Patrick Costello
Summerset ward
Boise West Stake
Apr 27, 2015
Dear Brother and Sister Clawson,
My name is Sherry Hatcher aka: crazy lady at Walmart, If she didn't tell you about me then she didn't do what she promised she would do. When my son was on his mission and even now, I would go up to all of the missionaries that I would see at Walmart and tell them that no missionary was safe since my son was on a mission. Then I would encourage them to write a detailed letter to their parents and to make sure they sent a picture of their cute little face. If their letter didn't include the crazy lady at Walmart it wasn't detailed enough. She loved to ask me how many missionaries I got that Monday.
We LOVED having Sister Clawson in our ward! She was a wonderful missionary. She loved to do service and there were several times she would rope me into it. We worked together in packing up a house that had a fire 4 days before Christmas. She loved to have me come with her and her companion when they taught discussions especially the chastity one and there were several discussions where she would love to harass me or embarrass me. If every you needed something done all you would have to do is ask and if it was too big of a job she would round up some Elders. I loved to have them over for dinner because she would rave about how good my cooking was even if it wasn't top notch that day. She especially loved coming over to my house when my newly returned missionary was home. (I think she had a crush on him, but was disappointed when he found a girlfriend right away!). Thanks for sharing her with us.
Sherry Hatcher

Sister Clawson has been a delight to become acquainted with. She is always happy and positive. Her beautiful smile is contagious. We loved having her in the Summerset ward.
Sandy Sanford
May 1, 2015
Sister Clawson,
We want to let you know how much we've come to love your daughter Ashley (Sis Clawson) as she has served in our ward as a missionary.
She has such a wonderful spirit and testimony which she has shared with us as she and her companion have visited in our home. We've felt as if she could be one of our granddaughters.
We will miss her as she has moved on to a new assignment.
Thank you for sending her into the mission field.
Her spirit reflects the love of good parents and especially her mother.
May the Lord bless you!
Sincerely, Tom and Muriel Timothy
Boise, Idaho


Apr 27, 2015
Dear Brother and Sister Clawson:
It was a delight to have your daughter serve in our ward. We had her in our home on a few occasions for dinner. Her bright personality lit up a room. I saw her help out a neighbor on our street to trim her overgrown willow tree. A very BIG project! She enlisted the help of the elders to get the job completed. It actually became a catalyst for that neighbor to take a little more interest in her yard.

Your lovely daughter also played the flute in our sacrament meeting at Christmas time! It was wonderful to have that sparkly touch at the holidays. She played well and nobody would know that there have even been a gap in time since she had played. She was also able to play flute in our ward conference in January., an obbligato for He Sent His Son! It was lovely and the stake presidency remarked on how well it all sounded... but I think the flute added a brilliant touch that enhanced the singing.

I'm sure you have missed her very much. We are appreciative of your faith in sharing your daughter with us up here in Boise, Idaho Summerset Ward. She's delightful and possesses a confident testimony that will continue to build up the Lord's kingdom throughout her life!

Sincerely, Mary & John Gagnon

Apr 27, 2015
Dear Bro and Sis Clawson,
We love our sweet and amazing Sister Missionary (even though she was transferred) Sis. Clawson. We loved when she came into our home...She always brought the sunshine with her. And when she would teach us a gospel principle it was taught with humility and power. We have felt her testimony, her love, her joy for life, and her desire to share the gospel through love. She is a delight to be with and we do miss her.

We have watched her junior companion grow because of the example that Sis, Clawson set. She taught with love an kindness. She taught as the Savior taught.

Thank you for having enough faith and courage to send her on a mission. I know that she has touched man, many lives and has made our little area of the world a much better place.

We love and pray for her.
Happy Mother's Day.
Jay and Gail Minor
26 April 2015

For Sister Clawson's Mother:
One Sunday, a few months ago, one of the Sister missionaries spoke, just before she was to be transferred. She had been in our ward for quite a wile, so we had gotten accustomed to her spirit, and were sad to see her o, but happy for others who would get to know her.

I her talk, she shared part of a letter her mother had sent to encourage her on her mission. As a writer, I was impressed not only with her mother's skill, using parallel sturchture to make teachings memorable, bus also with the care and compassion with which she taught er missionary daughter of human nature, divine expectations, and choosing wisely.

Mothers have influence in the lives of their children in all stages of their lives and in every circumstance. The wisdom of her mother, and the care she felt for her daughter, were evident in the shared letter, as well as in the sister's work as a missionary in our area. I was pleased to discover that this sister missionary was recognized a stake and a city away from where she served. Other missionaries serving here knew her spirit and her work. I'm sure that if the 2000 strppling warriors had been young women, this sister missionary would have been one of them

Happy Mother's Day!
Sandy McCarty


One evening Sister Clawson and her companion came by my home. I had my grandchildren, Brisa and Mitchell there on that Friday night.

Those sweet sister missionaries were so tender and good to us. They were fun and we taught a new card game that neither of them had played before.

Then they taught us great truths of Christ and shared scriptures and their testimonies. Brisa and Mitchell had an aunt on a mission and I know it was so good for them to see what their Aunt Deruse might have been doing on her mission.

I am thankful for the sacrifice and devotion of your dear daughter and my testimony was strengthened by her great service!
Sister Madge Nelson

Apr 27, 2015

For Sister Clawson's mother,
I imagine that you are everything that a mother should be because the example of your daughter. I am sure that you are a big part of her becoming the beautiful young woman and missionary she is today. We have loved her in our ward. Unrelenting in her missionary work, service and compassion. She is a reflection of goodness!
We so enjoyed having her in our home for dinner and conversation. I am occasionally involved in feeding the missionaries during zone conference so I am able to observe most of the missionaries. She was the one sister that came to my aid. Without asking she was at my side cleaning up and helping in the kitchen when most of the others left. I love that she is so conscious about acts of service.
We enjoyed listening to her play her flute during our sacrament meetings. You can feel her testimony as she plays with great emotion and love for the instrument. This brought much joy to all of us during Christmas. Her music brought the spirit into the meeting with her gift and there was a feeling of reverence that permeated the room.
As I watched her, I can only hope that my girls and granddaughters will have the same kind of love and devotion of the Savior. Thank you for sharing her with us. I don't even know you but I love you because of your daughter.
 Sister Cheri Hessing

Dear Sister Clawson,
Your daughter Ashley lived in y home for six months where I learned a lot from her. She is friendly and bold and her smile can melt the coldest hearts. I have lived in the Summerset ward over 30 years and in a few months she knew every inch and member of the ward much better that I did. She spoke often of how much she loved her mom and your chose relationship/ I'm sure you're proud of her as many more in the Boise, Idaho mission do and we love her too.

Helen Wilkes
One last one that the Bishop of the Summerset ward sent

 Apr 27, 2015

Sister Clawson's mother:
Happy Mother's Day! My name is Skye Root and I am currently the Bishop of he Summerset Ward where your daughter served for six months as an outstanding and committed missionary. You and your family should be very proud not only of her qualities as a missionary but her qualities as a person, a daughter of God who knows who she is. While she planted plenty of her own seeds her in the Summerset ward, she was also able to do substantial harvesting. We appreciate her efforts to effectively harvest, for it became our harvest. You no doubt raised her to be an effective teacher, communicator and "inviter" and those skills greatly blessed our ward. Her testimony is strong and her faith great. However, I think what makes her most effective is her genuine love for the people she teaches and serves. This outspoken love allows her to be bold without offending, a rare combo. You've raised a wonderful daughter who blessed my ward, my community, my family and me as she served here. We were sad to see her go. I would be very happy if she was one of my daughters and treated her as such while she was here. Thank you for loaning her to the Boise Mission, and specifically the Summerset war, for a season. She';; be home before you know it!

Bishop Skye Root

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