Sunday, November 2, 2014

.... Letter from the Mission President

31 October 2014

.... We received this email on Saturday morning. Ashley is now a trainer!!! So proud of my girl!!!

Dear Sister Clawson:

We are so pleased with your call to serve as a Trainer in our Idaho Boise Mission.  Your dedication, obedience, success, and work ethic have made you worthy of this critical and important responsibility in the mission.

This is the most important calling any missionary will ever have.  Your influence on your new missionary will have a great deal to do with the eventual success of her mission.

As a Trainer, you must be exemplary in every area of missionary service.  You must be absolute in your observance and compliance to mission rules.  You must make effective use of personal and companion study time, and establish the skills, attributes, work ethic, and other characteristics that help successful missionaries.  You must demonstrate absolute loyalty to the Lord and to your mission leaders.

You will make all of the difference in a new missionary's life.  I encourage you to display an extra measure of love, confidence, faith, and patience during this training and development time.

Please know of my great admiration for you.  I know I can trust and depend on you making the very best of this sacred responsibility.

Sincerely yours,

President John Q. Winder

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