Monday, November 10, 2014


Sister Lassen is my new and I mean brand new companion straight from the MTC! (Missionary Training Center!) She is pretty awesome! Camarillo, California!!!!! She's pretty awesome! 3 out of my 4 companions have been from Cali....I wonder why? haha She is just barely 19 and she's already a fantastic missionary! Sister Delahoyde's new companion was Sister Lassens MTC companion! How cool is that? So in the mission we do this thing where your trainer is your mission mom or dad, off coarse, for Elders. So Sister Lassen is my "daughter" and since me and Sister Delahoyde got split up to train, which usually never happens, her "daughter" is my "God-daughter" and visa versa! hahaha I love mission lingo! It's fun! We have had a great busy crazy week!
   Monday, me and Sister Delahoyde were still together and we went to the transfer meeting and the training meeting and then went about our P-day. That night we got lost in down town Boise trying to find her new area since she is taking the spot of Elders in that area. Her District leader was trying to give us directions but we all know how well that goes when GUYS give directions! hahahaha JK! Not really! hehe We finally just parked by Walgreens and gave them the crossroads and had them find us so we could follow them to the apartment that Sister Delahoyde would be staying in! She said her goodbyes and in the morning we went back and got the key to the appartment to move her in and to Elders had lived there prior and man was it a mess....maybe we are just spoiled to live with Sister Wilkes..yup that's it for sure! hahaha But we got all that taken care of and headed out to pick up the new arriving missionaries! We were waiting till lunch started in the mission office. All the trainers and I was so nervous that I asked if I could go hide in the bathroom jokingly! hahha but half way meaning it! We had a great lunch and took pictures and me and one of the AP's (Assistant to the President) had a fun time kinda skipping but with our legs kicked out in front of us, dont know how to explain that very well, all the way across the gym and it was super fun! Wish we got it on tape- it wasn't planned or anything and we were right together! hahaha  We were assigned our new companions and started off on our day! It was a really good day but a bit overwhelming for Sister Lassen so we went home early and unpacked and got to know each other!
    Wednessday we were able to see a lot of people. Sister Lassens very first spiritual thought was perfect! She used the things that were around her in the house to seek inspiration from and listened to the lady and knew exactly what she needed to hear right then and there! I'm so proud of her! In a good way! ha! We went over to Lacie's and see her and her kiddos and Sister Lassen invited both of the boys to be baptized and they accepted! Her second night out, folks!!!! They are still praying about a baptismal date. 
   We were able to have a lot of success this week! Sister Lassen had a very good first week in the mission field, thats for sure! We had dinner with the Laytons and they invited their friend Lynn over, the one that we mow her lawn and we were finnally able to meet her and to share a message with her and build a friendship! It was a really good night and we found out that brown cows are very delicious! You take vanilla ice cream and put chocolate milk in with it, delish!!!!! After dinner we went over and taught Juanita, Nick, and Henry, the dad, the Law of Chastity! I told you she had a very good first week! hahaha No more comfort zone for her! hehehe Brother Hatcher is a magician and he put on a show for Juanita's family nad invited us over and it was a blast!!!!
   Sister Hubbard finally found an apartment in the ward to move into and so we got a couple of guys from the ward with mini vans and trucks and caravanned over to the storage she had and from there hauled things to the appartment. We had a really awesome talk with her about her divorce and the situation she was in with trying to go back to church and to read the Book of Mormon with her kids again.  
   Guess who came to church on sSnday?! That's right, most of you don't know who, it's the Barnes family!!!!! They havn't come to church in such a long time but Hunter wants to be baptized so he needs to go to church and Brother Barnes is starting his quitting smoking process, which is awesome! 
    I love ya'll and miss ya'll a ton! But I know that this work is so very important to the salvation of man and that's the reason that God changed the age requirements and has allowed so many people that didn't think they could serve serve! I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and does have the fullness of the Gospel back on the earth today with a living prophet guiding us through revalation from Heavenly Father today! Have a fantastic week this week!!!!!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

This is Sister Lassen and magic man Brad! hahaha
So the one next to me is Sister Rice. Her daughter just got married and her twin sister, next to her whose son, Elder Capps, is in this mission and was in my last district back in Meridian. It would be so hard to know my mom would be only 20 mins from me!!!!  

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