Monday, November 17, 2014

Stupid white stuff!!!!!! 9 months!

Okay so for all of you that told me that Boise Idaho was the banana belt of Idaho I've got a bone to pick with you. It snowed all day Thursday and Friday and there is 8 inches of this cold white stuff everywhere! hahaha AND there is another storm coming this week on Thursday! ugh! But it's all good. I've learned that this is very not normal for Idaho! They usually get this much snow all year but it usually comes in January! I am just glad this is my only winter in the snow! hahaha I was talking to some ladies in my ward and told them that there was NO WAY I was going to marry someone that wanted to live in the snow....Sorry, guys! hahahaha  So yes, this Arizona girl learned how to drive in the snow. I've driven in the snow before picking up Cort from Logan but didn't know that you aren't suppose to brake while you were turning, I almost got that poor fire hydrant! But luckily I stopped the car in time hahahaha The people in this ward are so sweet they all asked how I was doing driving in the snow and ice and gave me several tips and pointers ha! So I now drive like a grandma, sorry for those grandmas out there, and many people behind me don't like it but oh well, they can get into an accident if they want to then :) hahaha
   We had SOOOO much success this week! We cleaned the church house for FHE on Monday that was pretty cold we were sent outside to do the windows. It was fun though and a little boy came up to us and said that missionaries are the BEST!!!! And he's planning on going on a mission too! How cute! That makes the cold SO worth it!!! We have a new investigator and her name is Payton. She  is such a cute little girl and she wants to be baptized sooo bad! Her dad is LDS but her stepmom is Catholic so she won't let missionaries into her home so we teach her at her grandparents, who we are helping them prepare for the temple! 
   So Ma knows that my enamel on my teeth that it is super weak so I chipped a tooth, which I don't know how that happened but my Stake President is a dentist so he fixed it for me then found a cavity and fixed it without numbing it! It was awesome! I'm so happy he did it! That is the second cavity on my mission without being numbed to fix! hahaha Have to be happy about something right?! Find the joy in everything! haha
    We had a great lesson with Sister Rowe. She doesn't know very much about the Gospel and she was telling us how she believes and it's exactly what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is! hahaha She is starting the Book of Mormon and she really enjoys us teaching and talking with her! She's a great lady, just needs to stop smoking. We smell sooo bad when we come out of her house. I feel bad for going into member's houses smelling like that but it shows that we take our missions seriously and we do our best! Poor Sister Lassen hasn't been in a house like that before so she was having a real hard time breathing, poor thing!
   We taught Hunter and his parents this week about the Restoration and the Priesthood. He is really excited to go to church and get baptized. He changed his baptismal date to January 14, his birthday! How sweet! We are hoping that his desire will help his parents get back on track too!
   The most exciting news, though, is that Juanita, Nick, and Aliyah had their baptism interviews on Saturday and will be getting baptized this Saturday at 1 pm!!!!! We are so stoked for them to be baptized!!!! They are so ready!
   I want you all to know that I love this Gospel and know without a doubt that it is the Gospel that Jesus Christ taught, restored back to the earth with His authority to do ordinances and to make promises the correct way! For the past 6 months I have been reading Jesus the Christ and just finished! It is an amazing book that helps us understand Christ's life! I invite everyone to read it! It will change your life! I love you all so much and pray that you will all feel Christ's and God's love for you every day!!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
So much snow!
 9 months baby!!!!! I love this tradition as a sister missionary!!!
First time shoveling snow!
Look at all the snow on that tree!!! There was much more after that picture was taken!
All bundled up just got my coat the monday before it started snowing! yay!!! and its green!!!!
This was way too much fun!!!! hahaha
I was excited about the snow when it first started to fall not so much.....
First snow angel!!!

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