Monday, November 24, 2014

When did 50 get to be warm?

 Hey ya'll! so this week pretty much rocked! We had a great time! We met this name who goes by Boots and he is Catholic but he is willing to talk with us, which is exciting! He's not super interested...he says that when his brother, who is a minister, joins the church he will!!! hahahaha BUT he brought up the 6 precepts of the Catholic church but couldn't remember when we go over he is going to share those with us and we are going to share the Plan of Salvation! A little trade off!
    On Wednesday day we were able to plan the Cuellars baptism and they asked me to give the talk on baptism, which I'll send to Ma so she can type it up and put it on my blog ;) We also got to see Payton and set a baptismal date with her for the 20th of December, maybe even make it a white Christmas! For mutual that night the whole stake got together to watch the videos each ward had made. They turned out pretty cute! The stake leaders even did one that all the missionaries in the stake were in. Bro Smith should be sending the link of that one to Ma some time so hopefully ya'll can see it ! hahaha It was really good and funny!
  Friday was a super busy day! We were able to see Betty and talk about the Savior's life and ministry and she was really interested about the family proclamation! So we will show her that next week! We really enjoy going over there and teaching her and seeing her understand things, even if we come out smelling like chain smokers! hahaha. She's a sweetheart! We went over to Tamara's house to help her move her TV out of her room but ended up feeding her horse and goats and chopping some wood! I can swing a pretty mean axe! I love it!!!! She said that I can shop wood better than anyone she knows! hehehe I just HAD to include that one! :D!
   The baptism of Juanita, Aaliyah and Nick Cuellars went soooooooo good!!!!!! Juanita's granddaughter said the prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for the desire her Grandma and Aunt and Uncle had to get baptized. She just got baptized about a year ago herself. I gave the talk and it went great, the APS (assistants to the president) were there and they said my talk really helped their investigator understand baptism! That was awesome to hear! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! All three were baptized and man was it amazing! Afterward, Sister Delahoyde  talked about the Holly Ghost and she usually doesn't get emotional but she did it was cute! hahaha Bishop gave some remarks and had all the RMs (returned missionaries) and full time missionaries stand up and then had everyone but those that taught them sit down and he talked about our love for her and that the ward will take care them! It was really sweet! He also invited them to bear their testimonies and Juanita went first. She had mentioned that she never wanted to get baptized when her daughter Maria got baptized but her thoughts had changed over the years. And then when I asked her to be baptized on the 22 of Nov, it felt right! Everything in her life was leading up to this point that she would accept the gospel and be baptized. She shared with us that her daughter Maria had been diagnosed that day a year ago with cancer but now she is cancer free! So this day has a sacred meaning to it, now with the hope of a brighter future. I was REALLY touched! Not only their prayers had been answered but so were mine! I had felt for a long time that I wasn't receiving revelation for my area but this experience has given me new light and helped me sooo much!Ii love this family! They are soooo great! When people get baptized the missionaries give them a present and the Cuellar family actually gave us one too! It was so sweet! They were confirmed the next day. 
   Some super exciting news! President said we can go with new converts to the temple for their first time going..... the youth have a temple trip on Dec 9th!!!........what a tender mercy! :,)! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ so much! and I know they are always there for all of us and will help us no matter what, even if we don't ask but times will be easier when we do ask I promise ya'll! My love goes to ya'll! Have a great Thanksgiving! If you all could email me back with a few things you are grateful for that would be the coolest thing EVER! LOVE YA!!!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Don't they look GREAT in white?!
All the missionaries that taught this wonderful family that are still here on missions!!! This was Elder John's first area and leaves New Year Eve and got to see this wonderful event and confirm Aaliyah!

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