Monday, July 13, 2015

New Changes, Experiences and Lessons!

  I love new adventures in life! Me and Sister Dale were both transferred out of the Park Center and Liberty wards. It was not what we expected at all! It's definitely a huge surprise! She will be in the Meridian East Stake, my first stake I served in on my mission. The Cloverdale ward now has Elders tho...  and I will be in Meridian North stake and we will both be in the Meridian North zone, my first zone! Super exciting! Plus I will be her sister training leader! It's like a sister Zone leader. ha! I am now serving over a YSA ward and an STL, the two things I never wanted to do in my mission! hahaha but I'm excited for this new experience and challenge! It's going to be rad!  I have a Tongan companion from Cali! Sister Pahulu! Out of my 7 companions, four have been from Cali! hahaha We also have a family ward we cover!
  Angelica is getting baptized this Saturday, the 18th of July! AND Logan is hitting his year mark of being a member on the 19th! What  a great month!
  Jackie and Natalie are doing great! They are both sooo ready to be baptized they just need to realize it now! We were able to teach them the Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ this  week! They said that things are finally coming together and making sense!
   On Thursday we went as a district to Sonic for half priced cones because I'm a tad addicted to ice cream! hahaha While we were waiting for others to order, Elder Hann sees a Less active member that they are working with and her son and their dog walking and he told us that he was going to go buy them ice cream cones. So he goes over there, such a sweet kid!, and the next thing I notice the lady is booking it after her dog and the elders are right behind her. Her son is just standing in the parking me and Sister Smith get up at the same time and I give him my ice cream cone and she takes him to sit with her. Me and Sister Dale take the leash and start after them as well. We had no luck finding the dog or the elders so we head back to sonic and get in our car with the other sisters to go out to search for this dog. It could be anywhere! All of a sudden I think of the experience Sister Dale shared about praying with Tate and Tegge Boren about her dog being missing and so I ask Sister Smith to give a prayer and within the next 30 mins, the elders find that dumb dog! hahaha
 It has been really hard to say bye to Elder Hann and Elder Taylor because they have become family to me, like my little brothers! I love these relationships I have been able to make on my mission! and I love having the chance to create new ones in different areas!
   I love this work soo much and can't wait to meet and help the people I was sent here to meet and help! I love you all and wish ya'll could feel the love I have for these people here and have similar experiences!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson


Elder Taylor, Hann, me and Sister Dale! Some of my BEST friends!

Oh,  my I forgot this epic story! SO! we get a call from Carl, a recent convert, and he tells us that his tire blew so we call a ton of people and I finally decide to just ask the lady we live with and she sent us over to her neighbor and he had the supplies so we went and helped him change his tire on the side of the freeway! I'm so glad I know how to do things like this and to take care of myself! I miss having black hands!

We were talking about spirit blockers and Elder Hann used the gloves to signify things that would block ourselves from feeling and hearing the spirit. and then had sister dale play the piano and see if we could all hear it and understand what it is. it was  a great object lesson

Zach is for you!

We decided that we haven't taken enough pictures together!

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