Monday, July 20, 2015

No Empty Chairs!

This week has been one of the shortest weeks ever, yet jam packed with sooo much! The Transfer Meeting was great I LOVE Sister Pahulu! We have served around each other before so this will be a blast! SO our area now has Elders in it and so after the training meeting that the trainers for new missionaries had, I updated Elder Methvin about our area then went to give him the phone and I couldn't find it......I looked everywhere! Then Elder Hodgkin came into my mind about if I didn't have my head screwed on tight I would loose it...sooo true! We found it later on that day in Sister Pahulus bag! I just laughed!!!!!! What a crazy day! We live with the Torrels! They are such sweet people! She has taken on the mom role for us! She has put food for us in our fridge and made breakfast and even got me some honey and lemon water for my throat and watched me gulp it down and then tell me I was suppose to sip it! hahaha too funny!
 Tuesday was a big service day! We pulled weeds, for a less active member that is on his was back into activity, with the Elders. Elder Bowman is one of my Zone Leaders and we got talking about marching band, he's a trumpet. I love being able to talk to people about band of any sort! Then we get a call from some of the sisters we are stewards over and they had just moved into the Elders old apartment and, not to my surprise, because I've been in the old elder's apartment it was super messy and gross. So we spent 3 hours over there cleaning up and moving the sisters in. I'm proud to say this is my first time putting in the wrong type of soap! Needless to say there were many bubbles coming out of the machine! And yes I took a picture! hahaha We took them out to lunch at McDonalds and I found someone who loves the minions more than me! Sister Rabello!  Later that night we did Visit nights with the YSA ward and I met Bishop Vean Damerwe  and our Ward mission Leader Forrester. It was really funny we had no idea where any of the streets were and Forrester "dropped" his phone into our car to use as a GPS and then it locked and so we drove in front of his car before he left and he gave us his code! hahaha I learned how to use a GPS on an Iphone! hahaha things you learn on a mission! hahaha This YSA ward is the biggest! It goes from Star all the way to Garden City and includes Meridian Eagle and Boise!
   I had a new leadership training for my new STL went really good! Elder Cortes came out with me and is now the New Assistant to the President and he is just amazing! He went straight from District leader, skipped being a zone leader, all the way to an AP! As a Sister Training Leader we are stewards and servants for 5 sets of sisters. We do a lot of counseling and helping them learn how to fix their problems and get along. 
  Now to talk about the Title of this letter! I see my family all gathered around this big table in the Celestial Kingdom and my greatest desire of all is to have no empty chairs! I want all the members of my family to know how special they are to me an how much I am praying for them to be there with me enjoying the company of our Heavenly Father! I will do ANYTHING for ya'll to ensure that there are NO empty chairs!!!! You are my best friends and I can't wait to see you again and enjoy our life together as one big happy family! I know for a fact that is what Heavenly Father wants the most for us too!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Angelica got baptized and Elder Hann baptized her! what an AMAZING day! He is one of my favorite Elders!!!
My awesome comp! Sister Pahulu!
 Sister Rabello cleaning up my mistake. she said that she had done it before so she knew how to fix it! haha
Look who I found at my YSA ward! Kent aka Elder Craig! Crazy!
He is an Elder that served here and got off a couple of months ago

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