Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July!!! Happy Independence day!!!

  I LOVE the 4th of July! Not because of the fireworks, we got to see some from our bedroom window behind a tree. Or the parades, that we went and cleaned up for a service project with our district and I had to pick up the dead bird. But it's because of these inspired men that traveled over the ocean and risked everything for religious freedom that we may worship how ever we want. This great event paved the way for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to Restore the Gospel back onto the earth! And THAT my friends is the greatest blessing that we have received since the Atonement of Christ was made! How right would it be every 4th of July to watch the Restoration video?! :D!
   I have learned that humanitarian work is one of my FAVORITE things to be apart of! If you haven't signed up on go now!!!.....have you signed up......stop reading.....go do only take a couple of minutes......good job! You did it! And for those of you that didn't I'm still waiting!.... We have the opportunity every week to receive assignments of service opportunities to do all over the Treasure Valley, that's what they call the Boise valley! This week we were asked to help at a food drive for the homeless shelters. At firstIi was a tad uncomfortable with this but I have never seen so many people willing and determined to help people! We were only there for 3 hours and collected 2 carts full of food and about 70 to 80 cash donations! That is the person I want to be! To help when I can and even when money is super tight! 
   Wednesday was a great day! We helped move in a potential investigator into the Liberty ward! Liberty ward is finally progressing in the missionary world! hahaha She's super sweet! Then we got to go play Bingo again with the old folks. Sister Lawlis is this really sweet elderly lady who lost her husband about a year ago now and we try to see her every week! She is just the sweetest thing! Me and Sister Dale were talking about what happened when we went on exchanges for a day with the Sister Training Leaders and the sister that she was with would ring once then walk away. I told her that its good to take the time to let them answer the door before just giving up. So we rang, then knocked, then rang again and nothing but we took our time leaving and right as we stepped away from the door Sister Lawlis opens the door out of breath! She wanted so bad to talk with us! She was outside watering her flowers, so she didn't hear us the first 2 times but was so excited that we came over to see her! I love this principle of waiting and never giving up on people! Take Juanita for example, back in my last area! She had missionaries for 15 years in her home and she finally understood and was baptized all those years later! NEVER give up, just don't do it!  
  Natalie and Jackie are two new investigators! They are staying with their sister for the summer and going home in August. They have been going to church here and their whole lives! Sister Brauns, who is their oldest sister, was baptized when she was 18 their age! These girls are so ready to take this next step in their lives! They have some very good questions about the Gospel and some concerns like modesty, which will vanish when they gain a testimony of the Gospel! We taught them about the Restoration last night and they both felt the spirit so strong and believe that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ! Plus, they committed to pray about baptism! I love this age group! This is the time that young people have to decided how the rest of their life will unfold! Those who are experiencing this now the only advice I can give you is to pray earnestly for answers and then seek them, don't wait till they fall into your lap. When you wait you put a pause to revelation for your life and guidance through the Holly Ghost.
  We had a great lesson with Angelica this week! We planned a baptismal interview with her for this Saturday and next Saturday she will enter the waters of baptism! Shes so sweet! She wants to serve a mission too! Speaking of baptisms we had our last lesson with little Tate! They are headed down to Utah for the 4th of July and then she will also enter the waters of baptism on July 11th! Our last lesson was so special! You could feel the Spirit sooo strongly when we talked to both of the kiddos about staying strong in their faith and reading their scriptures and praying every night to gain a relationship with their Father in Heaven! 
  We took Neiva and Isemael to Sister Farnsworth's house to learn about family history and how to do it because I'm still not quite sure how to work the system.. ha! The Spirit was there! Sister Farnsworth was basically teaching Isemael  the whole time and we got to talk with Neiva. They came to the point where they had to enter in their marriage date....they aren't married! That sparked a great conversation about marriage and when they would finally tie the knot! Sister Farnsworth makes wedding cakes and cupcakes for special events so I put a plug in theirs and told her that I'm done with my mission in August and I can come back up and help plan it and she liked that idea! Sorry Ma! Once a missionary ALWAYS  a missionary! My work is NEVER finished! Neiva also brought up that Jojo really wants to be baptized so we are going to start all the lessons over and teach to his level and hopefully this will be the thing we needed in getting both of them to feel the spirit and understand the fullness of the Gospel and what Heavenly Father wants for them!
  Bob and Barb took us out to dinner again and he gave me a huge stuffed duckie!!! I love that man! He's is the sweetest and funniest guy ever! So we went to Chuck-o-rama again, this is what he calls the birthday place, and I got him good! I told his friend that works there that it was his birthday this time then I told Bob that I set it up so it was Barb's birthday and he went along with it! They started clapping and then they put it in front of him! He got sooo red! and through his head back and then told me that I got him! hahahahaha 1 for Sister Clawson! Wahoo!!!
   On the 4th we went downtown and did a downtown pick up service day. I learned that NO ONE can learn the truth when all they want to do is argue. If the Spirit is not there no one will learn! We were able to pass out a Book of Mormon to a homeless man and talk to him about Christ a bit. I love talking to people now! Dad! I understand now! Lets go talk to EVERYONE!!!!!!!! hahahaha 
  I love you all so very much and want everyone to know that the prayers for Sister Taufa are working! That night she remembered Hula dancing and everything just clicked! She's a great dancer and taught for many years! That was the key to getting her memory of her family and home life back! Prayer is sooo powerful! It can help us find our lost keys and our not so safe safe spots and can help people heal from serious injuries! Our faith for healing can bring about great miracles like the ones that I have seen on my mission! love you all!!!!

<3 Sister Ashley Clawson

 My duck!

Downtown pick up day! It smelled sooo bad!!!!

 The garbage! Sooo many cigarette butts!

Love these kiddos!

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