Monday, January 12, 2015

11 months!!!!!

I have no IDEA where that one snuck up from! You seriously blink and it's gone!
     This week was another slow one lessons wise. We taught Henry twice this week about the Restoration, Plan of Salvation and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is ready for his baptism on the 25th! We are all super excited for him! He is one investigator that has asked soo many good questions! I think he has been my favorite to teach! We were talking about the Holy Ghost and we were explaining how one would feel the promptings and guidance from the Holy Ghost. He started to think and got real quiet and told us that when he thought about getting baptized that he had this really good calm warm feeling in his heart and because he wasn't use to it, he would shove it away and that when he wasn't thinking about baptism. He didn't feel anything, kinda empty inside! I LOVE how the Holy Ghost works and testifies to people even if they don't know it that the Gospel is true! I love it when you know people are taking things seriously because they ask questions till they understand. Henry said the closing prayer. At first, he said he didn't know how to so we told him how to start it and end it then we just bowed our heads and were quiet, it took him a little but then he offered the most sincere heart felt prayer that I have ever heard!  He has gone through so much in his life but he is finally letting God back into his life and letting Him heal him!
  We got to have lunch with the Matsons, the family I lived with for the first 6 months of my mission. It was a blast! I've missed them so much and they are already looking for tickets to come down to my homecoming! hahahaha
   We did a service project with our district for a lady in the sister ward that had her basement flooded. It was a blast! We joked around, talked, laughed. Elder Chapman and Elder Wright decided that they wanted to have a fashion show with the Ladies old clothes! hahaha After that and cleaning Jaunita's house, me and Sister Lassen have decided that we don't want to have like ANYTHING when we get older!!! hahahaha 
   So a member that we visit every week invited us to their quilting day in the primary room. It was a blast!!!!! I tied one quilt and then left with Sister Lassen to sew Quilt tops together! MAN was I in heaven again! You never know how much you love doing one thing until you don't have the ability to do it for a long time, then get to do it again! I sewed 2 quilt tops together and this will be going to the police departments when they pick up kids and take them from their homes so they have something! It was a BLAST!!!!
    We had a great Zone Meeting this week, all focused on finding new investigators. Finding those that are ready to come into the fold of God! It was quite a spiritual day! We even had fried Oreos to end it off with a bang! hahaha They actually taste pretty good, to my surprise! hahaha The Zone leaders challenged us to find a new investigator by tonight and this was on Friday they issued it! They asked us if we had enough faith to find this one or more souls that were ready to hear the Restored Gospel. A couple hours later we went to see Betty and teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ Lesson and to our surprise the boy that is renting out  a room in her house, weird I know..., sat down with us and told us that he wanted to learn more about the "Mormons" so we shared the lesson and told him we would be back next Friday and he said he would think about it! We were so excited to be able to see a miracle come from our faith to find a new investigator! It shows that Heavenly Father really trusts those that put their faith in Him to teach many and bring them to Christ!
  Hunter had his baptismal interview and priesthood interview this Sunday and everything is set and ready for his baptism on Wed! Hopefully his dad will be feeling well enough to baptize him! So on Tues night we got a call from Sister Barnes telling us that Robert, her husband, was in the Hospital due to pancreatic, which can last for weeks! So we grab our Ward mission Leader, Brother Christanson and his wife to go give Robert a blessing! He looked sooo bad when we got there so we didn't stay very long after the blessing. The next day Sister Barnes texts us and told us that an hour or so after the blessing Robert felt a ton better and the nurses checked his vitals and there was a dramatic increase and he was released that night to go home and eat big people food! hahaha I LOVE the power of the priesthood! It is such an amazing thing! We are so blessed to have it back on this earth through worthy males who take the responsibility to serve others seriously!
  I love you all so much and I can feel the prayers on my behalf so strong!
<3 Sister Ashley Clawson
Too funny elders!!!!
  I had fun with my camera! hahaha
 first quilt top!
Second quilt top I had to do this one cuz it was yellow! hahaha

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