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....Letters from Boise, Idaho members

We received a package from Ashley and inside were these letters- Wanted to share them

December 2014

Hey, parents of Sister Clawson!

The fact that you are receiving these letters in an example of one of the reasons we love your daughter so, so much! She is so thoughtful and sweet. She was thinking of your Christmas present way before I started my Christmas preparations. Your daughter stole my heart the moment I met her with her gorgeous red hair, her smile that lights up a whole room, and her shivering all the way down to her toes. I don't know if she will ever adjust to the cold. :)

And then I got to know her and loved her even more. She is grounded in her faith and this shows in her actions every day When she walks in a room she lights it up with that amazing smile and then proceeds to fill it with the light of the Savior and his Gospel. When she speaks about the Gospel, the spirit is felt and hearts are touched. She is one of those people you can trust because you know her heart is true. She is someone who has truly built her foundation on the rock of our Savior and so you are safe in believing what she says. Her strength in the gospel and wisdom beyond her years is her greatest asset as a missionary (after that smile, of course!)

Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. She has blessed our family with her love and laughter and testimony. Our home is a better place and our family is stronger because of our association with her.

Rachelle Cahoon

Former Bishop Cahoon
Merry Christmas
December 10, 2014

Dear parents of Sister Clawson,
Your daughter arrived in our was as a brand new missionary. I could tell from the very first time I met her that she had the maturity in the gospel and the personality to make a wonderful impression on member and non-members in our ward. She was a delight to have in our home. Thank you for preparing your daughter so well and allowing her the opportunity to serve a mission, especially in our ward.

Just about every Saturday I would make sourdough bread in anticipation of Sis. Clawson and her companion's arrival at my home for a progress report. They were very faithful in delivering the report and keeping me up to date on the people they were visiting in our ward. They were always joyful and happily engaged in the work.

Several times we had them over for either dinner of FHE. I was always impressed with the message and testimony that your daughter delivered to our family. I am equally impressed with the example she set for my daughters, one of which has a desire to serve a mission some day.

Thanks you again for sharing your daughter with my family.
Sincerely yours,
James B Cahoon
Sister Clawson
We just loved Sister Clawson, she always had a beautiful smile and such a sweet spirit about her. We loved having her in our home for dinner, she was always so appreciative and left us feeling of the spirit form the messages she shared.
At a special concert we have in Boise for Thanksgiving, we had the opportunity of seeing Sister Clawson again. There she was, Big bright smile, and it was so good to see her again.
Your daughter is a wonderful missionary, you can be proud of her, as she served so diligently in the Idaho Boise Mission. .... Love your Daughter!!!

The Hunters
Keith and Rosalee
December 2014
To the family of Sister Clawson

She was such an inspiration in our Ward with her wonderful smile and cheery greeting every time. She had such a sweet, spiritual way of teaching our friends and neighbors. We knew she would never offend anyone but was always gracious and people felt comfortable around her. We missed her a lot when she was transferred. Another area was blessed with her missionary efforts.

People whose lives she touched will always be grateful for her influence which will continue to influence them and their families eternally since she brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives.

May our Heavenly Father continue to less her throughout her life and also pour out blessings on you, her family, who have shared her and her testimony with us and so many others.

LeDera Greenland - Cloverdale ward,  Meridian East Stake

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